Holy upset, Batman

Been a rough week already, still have to smile seeing Sister Jean  win and John Calipari lose.



Good to see Kansas State move on. But would have been fun coming up with Good vs . Evil punchlines with Sister Jean matched up against Calipari.

Because we all tune into March Madness games to see referees call fouls?
Good thing Kansas State vs. Kentucky didn’t go into overtime. They might have had to play the ball boys.

Wow. Michigan over TAMU in a rout, over a 20 point lead after first half. Normally when Texans are this embarrassed in basketball the Mavericks are involved.

Trump cannot STAND not to be the center of attention. So how long until he unleashes a tweet storm at #SisterJean?

Frank Gore, 35, just signed a one-year contract with Dolphins. Makes sense, Gore IS a Miami native. And for dinners he’s looking forward to all those “Early-Bird specials.”

Wonder if Captain Edward J. Smith thought of firing some of his crew for distraction after the Titanic hit the iceberg.


A provision in new spending bill would make minor league baseball players exempt employees who could be paid as little as $1,000 a month. Average MLB salary is over $4 million a year.
And some can’t imagine why players would risk a suspension and their health to use PEDs.

RIP Frank Avruch, 89, who was “Bozo the Clown” on TV. Wonder where they’re going to find a coffin big enough for those shoes.

Zuckerberg “I’m really sorry this happened.” The data breach? Or that Facebook got caught.

Waiting for EPA Secretary Scott Pruitt to say his wife told him to fly first class.

Would love to be a fly on the wall listening to a dinner table conversation between Melania Trump & Candy (Mrs. Ben) Carson about now.

John Dowd “”I love the president and wish him very well.” Is that lawyer-speak for “Bless his heart?”

So who will spring for Pay-Per-View rights for the fight between Trump and Biden?

So @realdonaldTrump would confront an armed killer, and take down Joe Biden, but he’s afraid of a porn star…. #WTF?


Remember when Hillary haters said they could never respect a woman who stayed with a husband who humiliated her with repeat affairs. If not, no worries – guess the GOP doesn’t either.


Karen McDougal “I thought I was the only one, I did. I thought I was the only one.”
Latest Trump reality show – “Men who cheat on their mistresses.”

So if China tariffs and subsequent market tanking are Trump’s response to Mueller getting closer, what’s POTUS going to do when the investigation actually starts issuing more indictments?

To all those who have been saying, “Cheer up, it could be worse,” Trump now gives us John Bolton as NSA. It just got worse.

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One Comment on “Holy upset, Batman”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Does Dumpty Trumpty’s favorite hotel not have security cameras? Malaria leaves, Stormy walks in, Stormy leaves, Karen MacD walks in, Karen D leaves, Lawyer Cohen walks in etc etc.

    Btw his room has one of those spinning revolving automatic doors. lol

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