Hanging on?

So this was the Monday when most people’s stupidest St. Patrick Day exploits were probably less embarrassing to recount than their March Madness bracket picks.


No one really likes to see a baseball star get hurt, even a Dodger.
So Giants fans hope Justin Turner’s broken wrist heals, but that he doesn’t rush it and takes at least first 31 games of MLB season off.
In the 1st 31 games LA plays SF 10 times.


It was 59-52 Spurs over Warriors with 3 min left in 3rd. Were we watching NBA playoff teams or two teams vying for Sweet Sixteen in NCAAs?

And in the end, yeah, the Spurs beat a Warriors team that had four All-Stars out. Just thinking San Antonio would gladly trade one game missing 4 top players, for a season w/ their MVP.

Cavs coach Ty Lue is stepping away due to “health issues.” Translation – he’s sick of dealing with Lebron?


Now reports are Donald Trump Jr. had an affair w/ a “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant. I’m sure this is somehow Hillary’s fault.

Not sure how I feel about #CynthiaNixon‘s candidacy. But the people who attack her as a unqualified actor,  who themselves voted for Trump should STFU. (IMHO)


I’m so old I remember when the most embarrassing thing we had to explain to our children about Presidential sex involved a cigar. #StormyDanielsDickPics

Feeling even better that I never wasted time on stupid Facebook quizzes.

If #CambridgeAnalytica had been working on behalf of Hillary Clinton does anyone doubt GOP would be calling for criminal charges?

Facebook just changed relationship status with its users to “it’s complicated.”

Donald Trump is getting so agitated about idea of a “Witch Hunt” he is going to lose his black pointy hat.

So at this point guessing no one in the GOP would point out that the Emperor was naked either?

Trump is really into his “Witch Hunt” phrase. Does he even tweet it from “Air Force Broom?

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