And then there were 48

This year, millions of Americans REALLY looking forward to few weeks of caring passionately about teams who we barely knew existed before. #MarchMadness #distraction


So apparently  Pac 12 really DID decide to take March Madness off.


For Pac 12 fans, is it worth mentioning that Stanford remains alive for an NIT championship? #MarchMadness


Cool thing about Loyola-Chicago upset today: At least Americans who picked Ramblers randomly can answer a question as to where school actually is located.

RIP longtime University of Texas coach Augie Garrido, 79.  One of best to coach amateur teams in history. Even counting Stengel with 1962 Mets.

So in the end will Sean Miller  be fired from Arizona because he didn’t pay players enough?

So if Trump admits he “made up facts”  with Justin Trudeau, what other world leaders has he made up facts with? Surely not BFF Putin?

Now Trump is firing McMaster. Do the surviving members of his administration get a rose?

RIP Tom Benson, 90, owner of New Orleans Saints.  He’d apparently been ill since February.  Let’s hope the ending of that playoff game with Vikings didn’t ultimately kill him.

Brand-new (and quickly installed)  pedestrian footbridge collapse is an awful story at Florida International University . No cause known yet. But good time to remember that not all “burdensome” regulations are excessive.

There’s a reason the 1st Amendment came before the 2nd Amendment.#NationalWalkoutDay #MarchForOurLives

So @RealDonaldTrump made up a story of a meeting w/ @JustinTrudeau in which he bragged about lying. And anyone seriously expects any other country to make deals with US?

Now it turns out Trump may have made up meeting where he said he lied to Trudeau. Time for a new hashtag – #ThatIsSoTrump

A second Trump lawyer is now battling to keep Stormy Daniels from talking. Uh, if it’s all lies, who cares what she says?

But seriously has Trump forgotten a cardinal rule.  Don’t screw with the people you’ve literally screwed.

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