Steph Curry tweaked his ankle when he stepped on teammate Zaza Pachulia’s foot in Warriors-Hawks game. Not that I wish any harm to Curry, but if Zaza accidentally puts him out for a while, much of the NBA may join mean bitch Karma in a toast.

So since Cleveland has lost 2 of 3, and JR Smith was suspended by the team tonight, will LeBron try to reshuffle the Cavs again?

A lot of these conference NCAA men’s basketball tournaments might be more interesting if most of us could remember a returning star player or two from any top team.  #Oneandratingsaredonetoo

Pilot landing at Dulles this morning in high winds reported that “pretty much everyone on the plane threw up. Pilots on verge of throwing up.” And they didn’t even have the fish. #Airplane

Just guessing with this trade war that whatever Donald Trump majored in at college it wasn’t economics.

#CMU gunman apparently fatally shot his parents in his dorm room. His father was a police officer. So about that good guy with a gun….


From TC in BC (British Columbia)  –  An  FBI report has the NCAA reeling this week for secret payoffs to college athletes. Payments as high as $100,000 (Arizona basketball) have been reported. A mass exodus of CFL (Canadian Football League)  players going back to school in the US is expected immediately.

Delta CEO on NRA and Georgia. “Our decision was not made for economic gain and our values are not for sale.”
Give Trump and GOP credit, who knew it was possible to give a US airline the moral high ground?

And btw, folks, a travel agent infomercial here – those airline corporate discounts like the one Delta got rid of for NRA? They are usually something like 5% off lowest fare, or 10% off full fare, and have to be booked through a special meetings-groups desk. 90% of the time people decide discount is more trouble than it’s worth.

As we stagger to the end of another week, I am reminded of reasonable people I know who voted for Trump and thought that he would change and become Presidential in office.

Once again, we are learning what many women already knew, NEVER ever get into a long-term relationship with a man hoping he will change.

On a positive note for week, while GOP congress shows no sign of returning deposits on their souls, @Delta, @Dicks & @Walmart decided to make statements. And even Jeff Sessions showed signs of a conscience.


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3 Comments on “Twisted?”

  1. Marty Robinson Says:

    The Donald did indeed major in economics and has a degree from the Wharton School (per Wikipedia)

  2. JD in PA Says:

    Trump has only an undergrad degree from Wharton. He did not make the dean’s list (top 15% of the class). He used to claim he graduated first in his class & he allowed or encouraged various journalists & PR flacks to assume that he was referring to Wharton’s prestigious M.B.A. program, but he never got anywhere near that. He got into Wharton’s undergrad program through family connections. Given what we know about him now, I’ll bet anyone five American dollars that he didn’t go to class, didn’t do the reading, & didn’t write his own papers.

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