So who’d a thunk back in 2010 that Lindsey Vonn would be winning longer than her ex-boyfriend?

Andrew McCutchen hit home run off Madison Bumgarner in his first intra-squad SF Giants AB today. Fortunately Madbum didn’t put him on the DL for it.

Ending important hockey games with shoot-outs feels like ending @MLB playoff games with Home Run Derbies.

Cubs catcher Willson Contreras claims he will ignore the new “six visits” to the mound rule, and “If I have to go [out there] again and pay the price for my team I will.”
A future “pass the popcorn” moment?

So with NCAA denying Louisville’s appeal. does that mean Michigan gets to raise a 2013 men’s basketball Championship banner? #MGoBlue

Albertsons is buying Rite Aid. They could have gotten a better price but would have to have bought two drugstore chains to get the discount.

As Jared and Don Jr. make headlines am reminded of those innocent days when the most embarrassing Presidential relative was Billy Carter.

Pat Robertson, calling for a possible ban on assault weapons as well as bump stocks – “It’s just got to be sensible.”
This might be only time Pat Robertson & “sensible” have appeared in the same sentence.

RI State Sen. Nicholas Kettle arrested for “video voyeurism & extortion.” He allegedly sent nude pictures of girlfriend, in exchange for some of a friend’s wife. Probably too late for Kettle to join Trump administration so Kelly etc would defend him.


Some in GOP saying #StonemanDouglas high school survivors are too young to understand gun control issues. But in Florida they’re not too young to buy AR-15s.

Apparently bump stock sales spiked after Las Vegas shooting. So Trump waiting almost 5 months even to say he wants to ban them just gave people time to stock up.


Waiting for Donald Trump to say that he could sexually assault a woman in the middle of 5th Avenue and not lose any supporters.

So GOP thinks its funny that #MichaelMoore was duped into attending a rally organized by Russians. What about all the Americans duped into voting for a candidate organized by Russians?

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