12 angry universities?

USC’s Sam Darnold got  sacked & hurried so often in Cotton Bowl he should be well-prepared for life if he ends up #1 NFL draft pick of Cleveland Browns.

-Maybe awful bowl performances in 2017 are all part of a plot to lull #SEC into scheduling more inter-conferences games with #Pac12 in future.

Or maybe that West Coast Pac 12 bowl malaise is contagious & Friday night even affecting Warriors.
A feeling I am not used to….. feeling a bit sorry for USC. #CottonBowl
RIP Sue Grafton. U is for Ugh. Even if you didn’t get through the whole series, Kinsey Millhone has been a detective women could really root for..
If we took @realDonaldTrump’s name off @NYTimes interview & said it was excerpts from some random elderly person’s dementia exam, guessing most people call it a slam-dunk diagnosis.
Months after Maria, barely half of Puerto Rico has power.  Just imagine if Trump had given himself only a “7” instead of “10.)
Northern California man is going to prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm. He was caught because he posted videos of himself firing guns at a shooting range. #cantfixstupid
If #FoxandFriends ever took a hiatus who would tell @realDonaldTrump what to think?  Or more importantly, what to tweet?
Marco Rubio now says the GOP tax bill gives too much to corporations. So he was against it before he was for it, and now he’s against it.   Even Brett Favre is saying “‘Dude, make up your mind.”
And gosh, if there was any other vote Rubio could have made other than yes?
As we start the countdown to the countdown for New Year’s Eve, how many join me in hoping Time’s 2018 Person of the Year is Robert Mueller?
So Trump tweets angrily this am about USPS needing to make more money. Then fires rest of his HIV/AIDS advisory panel by Fed Ex letter?
“Nice” job by United tonight for a client. SF to LAX flight – scheduled 902p to 1045p
LAX/ON 1010P LAX/IN 1106p
Translation in English, early departure, 18 min on tarmac at SFO, time in air, 53 minutes, time waiting for a gate at LAX, 54 minutes. 21 minutes late.
But hey, airlines need less regulation now, not more…right?
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2 Comments on “12 angry universities?”

  1. Neal Says:

    RIP Sue Grafton. U is for Ugh. Even if you didn’t get through the whole series, Kinsey Millhone has been a detective women could really root for..

    CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! Only one book to go.

  2. Dan Denison Says:

    Pac 12 is looking a lot like a Potemkin Village this bowl season. Won’t help with FBS Championship voters next year, especially those who probably don’t even remember that Utah is in the Pac 12

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