Not ready for primetime?

Friday night, Dec 22,  and there have already been 11 bowl games.   Wonder how many non-alums or family members of schools involved can name the teams involved in any of them?


UCLA announced basketball players, Cody Riley & Jalen Hill, arrested along w/ LiAngelo Ball in China, will not play any of 2017-18 season. Translation, neither were expected to star on the team

Police on scene after “former stadium worker” apparently tried to gain access to Lambeau Field. Hope it wasn’t Brett Favre screaming “I can still play!!!”

Awful that it’s come to having #DickEnberg, who seemed one of best guys in sports, trend because he died, and thinking “thank God HE wasn’t accused of sexual harassment.”


Is there a place to add people to Santa’s naughty list for parking SUV’s in compact spaces?


An elderly couple driving from California to East Coast were stopped by police who found 60 lbs of marijuana in car. They said the pot was for Christmas. Millions of Americans wish they had grandparents like that.

Who knew an event that still features a swimsuit competition in 2017 might have a sexist CEO? #MissAmerica
Bitcoin has fallen 30% in a week. But now at least will every purchaser of bitcoin get a free tulip bulb or Beanie Baby?
Just imagine if Obama was going to Hawaii for Christmas & taxpayers were paying to put Secret Service up in a private club he owned….
Trump just basically endorsed Ron DeSantis for Governor of Florida. And Democrats are thinking “Thank you, Santa.”

Former Trump SoHo New York has been renamed . Hmm, any way we can do that to the White House?

Bus to hell time. Six bodies were found in Mexico near La Paz and Cabo San Lucas suspended from bridges. Police say the six deaths are being investigated as homicides. Uh, just guessing they weren’t suicides.

Fox and Friends suggested US build a northern wall to protect us from Canada. Why not wait? Soon Canada might build wall to protect them from us.

Ohio just became 3rd state to ban doctors from performing abortions when fetus is diagnosed w/ Downs Syndrome. Now, that’s can be a really tough decision for a pregnant woman. But I’d believe the “pro-life” position a lot more if the states also promised funds to help care for a baby born with Downs through its lifetime.


Forget PC, #PrettyWoman is a pretty fun movie to watch around holidays. Especially for all those who appreciate all-American sport of shopping. #BigMistakeHuge

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