Tic toc

A week after election,  Roy Moore still hasn’t conceded. But to be fair, it’s a really busy time at the mall.


There was a college football bowl game tonight. Serious points if you can name it without Google!

After two years of ZERO players named to the Pro Bowl, New Orleans Saints had six in 2017. Hope Roger Goodell doesn’t see those numbers and decide to make it a punishable offense.


Carolina LB Thomas Davis’s 2-game suspension for illegal helmet hit on Davante Adams reduced to 1. So he’ll only miss Tampa Bay. Translation, NFL wants people to watch Panthers-Falcons Dec 31.

After FAU’s first 10 win season ever, Lane Kiffin gets 10-year coaching contract. And if Kiffin stays successful with the Owls he’ll serve out about two years of it.

I miss the days when Colts sneaking out of town in middle of night was biggest travesty in the Baltimore-DC metropolitan area. #GOPTaxScamBill

The only truth about “job creation” in #GOPTaxScamBill is how many more jobs it will create for accountants & lawyers to exploit loopholes in this so-called simplification.

Cardinal Bernard Law, 86, former archbishop of Boston who protected pedophile priests, has died. Hope he likes really warm temperatures.

Many Democratic Senators are millionaires too. But Dems, unlike GOP, are capable of voting against their own personal self-interest to help average constituents

#SusanCollins says coverage of her tax vote is “unbelievably sexist.” Maybe because we still expect women to be more principled than men?

#GOPTaxBill will eliminate deductions for losses caused by fires, flooding & most natural disasters like tornadoes. Good thing for Trump voters those never happen in Red States.

Ben Carson in Puerto Rico, recovery is ‘better than what I had heard.” Uh, how can it be better than the 10 out of 10 your boss gave himself?

Sarah and Todd Palin may not bail their son out of jail in time for Christmas. And you think your family holidays are awkward.

Couple near LA arrested for trying to sell young sons for drugs. What kind of monsters try to sell little children? Now, teenagers many parents would give away….

As it appears increasingly likely that human error and/or reckless speeding caused yesterday’s Amtrak crash, another reminder that we have less to fear from terrorism than stupidity.



Mainstream Republicans went from hating Trump to his partners-in-crime on GOP tax bill.   Turds of a feather….

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