Not quite bowled over.

Heard ABC today suggest viewers stay tuned for the “Post Game Trophy Presentation” after Las Vegas Bowl. Thinking if you actually want to watch and don’t have a relative on Boise State football team, you may need an intervention.

Kobe Bryant’s jersey will be retired Monday night at Staples Center. In his honor will Lakers ask fans not even to pass the popcorn?

With three starters out,  including Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard,, and down 9 points with 3 minutes to go today, Spurs went on 13-0 run to win game against Mavericks. It is just possible that Gregg Popovich is a very very good coach.

As of Dec 16, three next #TNF  (Thursday night football)  games are on Saturday night. Just in case anyone still thought it wasn’t all about $$$.

If HHS has to start calling ACA “Obamacare,” can we start calling the GOP Tax Bill “Trumpdoesntcare”?

Granted it’s stupid to put anything in “private” text you wouldn’t want to see printed in newspaper. But who at FBI or indeed most professions doesn’t have political opinions?

Trump says tax bill is a “great gift” for the middle class. Right, like the Queen’s gift to Snow White. #PoisonedApple

If George Carlin were alive he’d be using all his seven words repeatedly over the #CDC7words.

Marco Rubio again proves he’s Senate equivalent of a $10 Rolex from a street vendor. Bright, shiny and impressive for about 24 hours.

CDC not allowed to use phrase “science-based.” Standby until next week when Trump administration forbids govt agencies from using word “science.”

Anyone really surprised Trump is recommending a book he didn’t read? Heck, he didn’t read the book he wrote.

Blaming anthem protests for declining viewership when many NFL teams are unwatchable makes as much sense as blaming Hillary Clinton for everything wrong with Trump presidency….


Trump supporters now claiming Mueller unlawfully obtained his emails. As opposed to “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.”

All you need to know about today’s GOP is that they profess to be pro-life, but aren’t willing to fund CHIP.

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