Coming soon, Dodger Doritos?

LA City Council voted to legalize marijuana sales starting in 2018. And we thought a lot of fans were late to Dodgers games until now…. #dudewheresmyticket


LaVar Ball now wants both his sons to play overseas. Thinking Europe response “Uh, no, we have Louis Vuitton stores too.”

Former Team USA gymnastic doctor Larry Nassar sentenced to 60 years in prison. Can they put him in general population?

So maybe besides all the other bets on Thursday Night Football there should be an over-under on injuries?

Cleveland Browns fired Sashi Brown, executive VP in charge of their personnel dept. #Browns fans shocked – team HAS a personnel dept?

Are millennials into bitcoin because they missed out on beanie babies?

Or is  “bitcoin” millennial for “tulip bulbs?”


United Airlines has a waiver for winter weather. On December 7. In Atlanta, Georgia. But no, we don’t have climate change.

So while we work up to @realDonaldTrump & @MooreSenate can GOP start by calling for Blake Farenthold to resign?

Pantene says the color of the year for 2018 will be “Ultra violet.” Waiting for tweet from Trump complaining that it’s not orange. #fakecolor


So Trump is going to have a physical next year. Will that include a visit to his dentist? #DentureDonald

White House @PressSec said @realDonaldTrump will undergo a physical next year & results will be made public. Right after he releases his tax returns?

Arizona GOP Rep. Trent Franks said he is resigning over asking female staffers about becoming a surrogate for his child. Why do I guess that wasn’t phrase he used? Cue Paul Anka #Havingmybaby

GOP claims to be the party of personal responsibility. Until they get elected.#Franken #Conyers #Moore #Trump

Donald Trump Jr tweeted an attack on Al Franken this morning. Donny claiming moral high ground is like Hillary Clinton claiming to be expert on email servers.

Damn, now #NewMexico. Time to reset the mass shooting clock to zero again. And for NRA to claim all students should be armed

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One Comment on “Coming soon, Dodger Doritos?”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Get them while they are cold. Tickets for this week Buffalo Bills game are going for $4.00.

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