Missing out?

More and more teams out of the Ohtani free agent race. This is getting more and more like an episode of the Bachelor.

Giancarlo Stanton might be deciding between #Cardinals & #SFGiants. Has anyone from Giants considered sending him average weather reports from St. Louis in summer?


LaVar Ball pulling LiAngelo out of UCLA means the kid will miss out on potentially a great three months of college.

And yes, this is LaVar saying he is pulling his son out. Not his son making the statement.  Yeah, this young man is definitely mature enough for the NBA.

Stanford’s Bryce Love  named a finalist, and invited for Heisman ceremony. If by some miracle he wins, will his trophy have only one ankle?

(or an ankle brace at lease,  Love has been running on one ankle since a late October injury against Washington.)

#Giants have fired #BenMcAdoo after benching Manning. Who’d a thunk the 2017 Jets would be the most NFL functional team in NY?


So House wants to allow Americans to take their guns and concealed-carry permits across state lines. But heaven-forbid they bring their marijuana.

RIP #JohnAnderson, Remembering the days when those on fringe of the GOP were honorable people.

So if GOP women who voted for Trump are called liars when they accuse Roy Moore, even with WRITTEN evidence, what makes any woman think she has better chance of being believed?


Orrin Hatch on Roy Moore – “many of the things he allegedly did were decades ago.” Of course same could have been said for Charles Manson.

Somewhere Nixon is thinking “How the f*ck did I get impeached for a cover up of a two-bit burglary?

If Trump gets away with “if the President does it it’s not illegal,” do we retroactively exonerate Nixon?


How long until Trump tweets “Yeah, of course I colluded w/ Russians, so what? GOP got their SCOTUS judge & we got our tax cuts. #MAGA.”

Among many reasons I’m a Democrat – I believe more in leaving our children a world w/ clean air & water, great national parks & a good educational system, than in leaving our children a world free from estate tax.

Going forward into December, if someone wishes you Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Hanukkah, Kwanza, whatever… just smile and say thank you. We need more nice. Seriously.

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4 Comments on “Missing out?”

  1. Marty Robinson Says:

    Roy Moore didn’t molest EVERYONE. Jane Porter is his spokeswoman.

    “Discussing the multiple allegations against Moore, Jane Porter told CNN’s Poppy Harlow “we need to make it clear, there’s a group of non-accusers, that have not accused the judge of anything illegal.”

  2. tc in bc Says:

    A former Apprentice contestant, Summer Zervos, has filed a “defamation of character” lawsuit against Donny. His lawyers state than he cannot/does not have time to face this charge while he is busy as POTUS. Her lawyers say they can accommodate him by going to Mar-a-Lago and getting a deposition from him in between golf rounds.

    I say, “How about in between 9’s”?

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