Follow the money

To be fair, Stanford football has teased fans all year with glimmers of being a great football team, and then a lot of doses of reality.


Ole Miss hit with more NCAA sanctions. Amazing how the only SEC teams who get punished for violations aren’t the ones who go to top bowl games.

Kate Upton asked Justin Verlander in a tweet “Which is better, winning a World Series or a honeymoon w/ @KateUpton? Even an American League pitcher should be able to avoid swinging & missing on that one.

Jimbo Fisher gets $75 million head coaching contract  from Texas A&M for 10 years, fully guaranteed.  $75 million. But God forbid a booster buy a player dinner.

$75 million for Fisher after a so-far 5-6 record at FSU.   Normally you don’t get rewarded for that kind of mediocrity.  Re-elected, maybe.

Michael Flynn revenge karma cocktail: Russian vodka. With several twists. Served very cold.


What happened to Kate Steinle was horrible. Period. Anyone think GOP reaction might have been different if she were undocumented & accidental killer were white?


So let me get this straight: Immigration laws exist already that should have kept the guy who killed Kate Steinle out of the US. But GOP demands new and stronger laws. But when mass shootings happen, ah, then they say laws are fine, we just need to enforce them.


Quite frankly, most of the people who want to #BoycottSanFrancisco aren’t visitors the city really wants anyway.

GOP with this tax bill is acting like they won’t ever have to worry about another election.

Child tax credit expansion voted down because it would raise corporate tax rate from 20% to 20.94%. But yeah, GOP is party of working class. #overflowtheswamp


Trump lawyer refers to Michael Flynn as “former Obama administration official.” Waiting to see how this will also be Hillary’s fault.


Trump says reports of him firing Rex Tillerson are #FakeNews. So official reason will end up being Tillerson wants to spend time w/ his family?

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