Moving forwards, and backwards

Chip Kelly hired by UCLA. Kelly’s first college-coaching job since the 49ers.


How far as Tiger Woods fallen? From being on top of the world & attending 2009 Notre Dame vs Stanford game to playing golf this weekend with Donald Trump.

Love Trumps hate. And millions of Americans are loving watching the hated Alabama Crimson Tide lose.


How many headlines tomorrow – “Rolled tide.”? #AUBvsBAMA

Stanford’s Bryce Love  has to be the best one-legged player in college football.

And forget pumpkin pie. After the fourth quarter against Notre Dame, Stanford’s favorite Thanksgiving weekend dessert has to be turnovers.


Would be adding insult to injury to point out after Stanford upset of Notre Dame that it’s 60 degrees in Palo Alto & 28 degrees in South Bend. #NDvsSTAN

Michigan QB John O’Korn had a horrible day in his team’s loss to OSU. And he’ll still probably have an NFL job before Kaepernick.

Pundits said SFGiants were probably going to make playoffs in 2017 & had chance for World Series. Giants decided probably wasn’t good enough & took a pass on the year.

Black Friday  was so successful this year figure Trump will try to rename it Orange Friday and take the credit.

(and then as a friend pointed out, the SF Giants will sue him.)

A new U. of Michigan study found an oil in cinnamon attacks fat cells & could help fight obesity. Can’t wait to see the ads from Cinnabon.

Washington Post notes that a “Pew Research Center study found that 58 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning independents believe colleges & universities have a negative effect “on the way things are going in the country,” up from 37 percent two years ago.”
Well, yeah, education causes Democrats.


So now Trump is blaming negative way much of the world views USA  on CNN. #WTF?



I miss the days when condemning Nazis and child molesters was nonpartisan.

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