Fit to be tied.

As SF Giants fans know Kruk would say  after World Series Game 2 – “laugher.”

And now the Series goes back to Houston, Texas, where they play baseball in sane temperatures.

Although given the way the Astros bats came alive late on a hot hot night in Los Angeles, maybe they’ll open the roof.

Good news for Dodgers fans who left in 7th inning of World Series Game 2. They missed Astros comeback & extra innings win.

People saying after Tuesday night that #WorldSeries  was over.  And yeah, the last time starting pitcher so dominant in game 1 was Bob Gibson in 1968.   Oops, never mind


No Tony Parker, no Kawhi Leonard – both still out w/ injuries. So of course everyone had @Spurs as last undefeated team in NBA. #GoSpursGo

Former @NBA commissioner David Stern thinks medical marijuana should be taken off the league’s banned substance list. Well, it’s high time.

‘UNC point guard Joel Berry II broke his hand when he punched a door after losing a video game to a teammate. If only he were armed.


Handwritten note from Einstein on his theory of happiness just sold for $1.56 million. Did it include “Don’t spend over $1 million on notes?

New Gallup poll -64% of Americans support legalizing pot, 51% of GOP. That doesn’t even count 20% who said “dude, what was that ? again?”


First rule of being a very intelligent person. Don’t say “I’m a very intelligent person.”

National Park entry fees may go up to $70 next year. Well, somehow US has to find the way to cover all those Trump golf weekends.

Trump says now  he didn’t “specifically” authorize Niger mission-“I’ve been seeing it just like you’ve been seeing it” Buck stops anywhere but here.   #sad

Regarding all those GOP senators who gave Trump a standing ovation. Would he care to name them? Before the next election please.

Hillary’s campaign made mistakes. But they would have been stupidest political campaign in history if they didn’t do opposition research.


No joke, House to hold hearings on bill banning abortions after 6 weeks. Good thing GOP believes so strongly in free birth control. #WTF?



Oh please oh please can someone ask Trump if he’s a member of Mensa?

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One Comment on “Fit to be tied.”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Fan at Dodger Stadium: so if it’s 102° out, why is my hot dog stone cold?

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