Men’s night out…

Of the World Cup.   Thank heaven for women.


Well, at least we won’t have to worry about what #USMNT will do for US national anthem during the World Cup.

#USMNT has not qualified for #2018WorldCup. Somehow I missed the Trump tweet taking credit.


Trump called Pittsburgh Penguins “true champions & incredible patriots.” He does realize Stanley Cup MVP Sidney Crosby is Canadian?

NFL must be so proud:  That moment when you decry players peacefully protesting racism while still venerating a man at least involved w/ a murder #RayLewis

Goodell says “We believe players should stand for the National Anthem.” As if NFL believes in ANYTHING in US Treasury doesn’t print. $$$

Knicks sold jersey advertising patches to “Squarespace” Because Ringling Bros is no long an option?

Mike Ditka says there’s been “no oppression in the last 100 years.” Well, as a former player guess Ditka has excuse of too many concussions.

Open note to men saying women should’ve come forward sooner on Weinstein. Since it made such a difference when they came forward on Trump?

To be fair, all those people condemning women for not speaking up about Weinstein were so supportive to Anita Hill.

If Harvey Weinstein’s behavior was worst-kept secret in Hollywood why didn’t Fox News break story earlier to embarrass Democrats?


Harvey Weinstein flying to Europe to check in to a “sex rehab” clinic. Congratsto all those who had October 9 in the pool.


Also to be fair, in the Trump – Tillerson spat –  accepting a job in @realDonaldTrump White House might be considered a reason to question someone’s IQ.

Trump says he’d win if he & Rex Tillerson compared IQ tests. Note to Donald, it’s not like golf, lowest score doesn’t win.

Trump refers to “Liddle Bob Corker.” Well, that ought to do wonders for that “Adult day care” image.


Sarah  Huckabee Sanders on the  Donald’s attacks on Tillerson.  “Hee made joke (on IQ), you guys should get a sense of humor & try it sometime.” Pretty sure Trump would lose humor test too.”


Condoleezza Rice is the latest telling Trump to “tone down his rhetoric. ”  Bad enough that we have to miss George W. Bush, now we have to miss his administration too?


If these #CaliforniaWildfires turn out to be arson thinking a whole lot of people may rethink their opposition to the death penalty.


Now Trump has tweeted out two rants angrily defending John Kelly. Tweets about #CaliforniaWildfires still at zero.

One last purely political statement – We need to take back “liberal” as a positive word, and return “deplorable” to being a bad one.

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3 Comments on “Men’s night out…”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Maybe Trump should have a drummer follow him around and give him a rim short every time he tells a joke, so that we know when it is a joke.
    And I am sure that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is life of the party.

  2. tc in bc Says:

    Giving an IQ test to a dotard? lmao

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