Fight on or fight over?

Wow .Washington State Cougars upset USC Trojans. Now for bigger challenge, finding somewhere in Pullman to celebrate late night.


More outrage over players kneeling than hit by Bears LB Danny Trevathan on Packers Davante Adams? What’s wrong with this country?


In case there is a hurricane in Pacific, can someone please tell @realDonaldTrump in advance that Hawaii is comprised of 8 islands?

Acting DHS Sec. Elaine Duke on Puerto Rico “”I know it is really a good news story.” Imagine what Trump WH would have said during Katrina.

So will Trump also claim his Trump Golf Club went bankrupt in Puerto Rico because it was hard for golfers to get to an island?

Art expert says charcoal drawing of a nude woman may have been a sketch for Mona Lisa, Well, that would explain what she is smiling about.

NY Post columnist wrote Oprah Winfrey is Democrats’ best 2020 hope against Trump. Because having an amateur in WH has worked out so well?.


Will the last member of the Trump White House please remember to turn out the lights (and bill taxpayers for their “energy-saving” work?)
So will Trump offer Tom Price a private jet for his trip back home?

Trump tweeted “thoughts to all those observing Yom Kippur.” Of course, he still doesn’t get this concept of “atonement.”

Florida AG Pam Bondi is objecting to OJ going to FL upon release because he’s a “danger.” As opposed to good citizens like George Zimmerman?

Open question: who do you have in pool of next Trump administration official who’ll we learn has been using private planes for flights?

As much grief as United Airlines has gotten this year maybe they could redeem reputation by dragging Tom Price, now that he has to fly commercial, off of one of their planes?


NY Times 9/17 – Puerto Rico “We were able to weather the storm (Irma) We’re in a position to help those in greater need.” Sad, Seriously.


Trump says he will decide on Federal Reserve leader w/in 2-3 weeks. But alas that private jet perk is off the table.

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