Going backwards.

The Los Angeles Dodgers have lost 19 of their last 24 games. Who do they think they are?  The 2017 SF Giants?


So Indians appear like they may have fewer losses in September than either Browns or Bengals.

Kevin Durant has apologized profusely for tweets under an alter-ego account where in talking to a fan and dissed the Thunder and coach Billy Donovan. And no doubt KD is sorry, though not sure if for the sentiments or for getting caught.


People can argue over the reality of science all they want, but seems pretty clear Mother Nature is pretty pissed off at us for something.


Matt Fuller reports Lindsay Graham noted CA & NY are “big blue states. “I’m not out to hurt them—but Im trying to, you know, create parity here”
So in other words, if South Carolina has third-world healthcare, EVERYONE should have third-world healthcare?

Apparently Trump advisors told him not to use term “Rocket Man.” Thus providing memories for parents who had tantrum throwing toddlers.

Since lawsuits are something @realDonaldTrump understands, what if Elton John sues him to stop using Rocket Man?

(Although “burning out his fuse out here alone might be a good metaphor for this Presidency.)

Toys R Us, with 1,600 stores and 70,000 employees has filed for bankruptcy. Somehow I missed the Trump tweet taking credit. #Jobs #jobs #jobs

As Lisa Murkowski again leans”no” on #GrahamCassidy, who’d a thunk after 2008 that US might be saved from disaster by a woman from Alaska?

Trump’s tweet attacking Emmy’s came 2 days after show. So he did like most Americans and just recorded it to watch later?


“Why don’t we take $$ for wall & give it to Mexico for good post-earthquake construction jobs; keep people working at home. @realDonaldTrump”

Tweets from @realdonaldTrump, rational-angry-rational, fit definition of cycle of abuse – calm, tension building, incident, reconciliation….

From Roberta  “If Bob Mueller is successful in bringing down Trump, we all may be singing a chorus of “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”

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