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Since the Cleveland Indians are never going to lose again, guess baseball fans can make plans without worrying about watching games 5-6-7 in 2017 World Series?

Oakland As have  announced that 4/17/18 home game will have free admission for all fans.  Of course, pay toilet entrance fees will start at $10.

#SFGiants secret motto for 2017 – “Hold my beer.”

(but hey, , I always wanted to know what watching the 1962 Mets was like. #SFGiants)

Danica Patrick is looking for “competitive ride with a team that believes in her.” Given her record, isn’t that kind of an oxymoron? #NASCAR

Texans LB Brian Cushing suspended for PEDRs, this time 10 games because it’s his 2nd offense.
Okay, maybe once you don’t know, or think you can get away with a certain substance. Twice? This isn’t just a PED suspension, it’s a stupidity suspension.

Who says there’s no good news these days? Martin Shkreli’s bail has been revoked and he’s going to jail.

Reports are that Motel 6’s in Arizona are calling ICE on guests they suspect to be undocumented. Who knew that light they were leaving on was to help illuminate white hoods?


How long until #JoeArpaio signs a contract to replace Tom Bodett as spokesman for #Motel6?

Los Angeles getting 2028 Olympics. Angelinos hearing this news while stuck in traffic can only hope by 2028 we all have self-driving cars.

Jimmy Carter’s advice to Trump – ‘Keep the peace, promote human rights and tell the truth.” Carnac Trump response “Name 3 signs of hell freezing over?

White House says ESPN anchor Jemele Hill, who called Trump a white supremacist on Twitter, should be fired. Now I REALLY want some NFL to sign Kaepernick. #passthepopcorn

Would the White House please clarify why #FoxAndFriends can attack presidents,  ex-presidents, senators, etc , but an ESPN anchor can’t attack Trump on her personal Twitter account?
So if being on TV and making disparaging comments about a President on Twitter is a “fireable offense” I sure wish someone had told the producers of  “the Apprentice.”

After midnight on the east coast. Wonder how many GOP politicians are being very careful about not liking what they search for on Twitter?


Trump is pushing a tax plan that hasn’t even been written yet. Well, following the Obamacare mess at least he’s consistent.

Would be ironic if Trump’s single-minded obsession to erase all of Obama’s legacy including Obamacare is what finally leads to single-payer.
Trump supposedly made bipartisan DACA/border security deal tonight.   So we all know what he’s Tweeting about….another attack on Hillary. #WTF?
Since we’re not supposed to talk climate change after a hurricane, guess we can’t talk gun control after another school shooting? #Spokane
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