And the hits just keep on coming.

ESPN reports Florida just suspended 7 players for their opener Sept 2 against Michigan. The players, including star WR Antonio Callaway, allegedly made improper charges at the school bookstore and then sold their purchases.
Coach Jim McElwain must be furious, had the idiots waited a few weeks they he could have suspended them for game 2 against Northern Colorado.

This is Callaway’s third “incident” in 2 years. First an alleged sexual assault where his defense was that he said he was too stoned to have done anything, then a marijuana charge…. So time for the pool on when he will declare early for the NFL draft?   He’d fit in well with the Cowboys.

Marshall Faulk on Ezekiel Elliott. “Obviously, we all have to grow up in life and make mistakes, and sometimes some of those mistakes cost you dearly.”
Uh, a “mistake” might be drinking too much, or saying something stupid, or trying to get away with drugs. Hitting a woman is not a “mistake.”

James Allsup, one of the leaders of the Charlottesville neo-Nazi White Supremacist rally, is a recent Washington State graduate who was head of the college Republicans.
Stanford is playing WSU November 4 in Pullman. Sure hope they’re bringing the band.

Because of course when you play 3 baseball games in 24 hours, the 3rd game has to go extra innings. #SFGiants #Nationals

We must be getting into the serious part of the season. ESPN Sunday Night Baseball again featuring Red Sox vs Yankees.

And of course,  Sunday Night Baseball also went extra innings. But the time of game was only 3 hours and 40 minutes. Did they sneak in a pitch clock?

Marshawn Lynch remained seated last night during national anthem. Well, at least the Raiders don’t have to worry about him running his mouth on the subject.


No tweets from @realDonaldTrump Sunday. Did Ivanka tell her daughter to hide Grandpa’s phone?

When next American is killed by a Muslim or immigrant will Trump again decry “hatred, bigotry & violence” on many sides?

Guess no one told all those neo-Nazi White Supremacists that all those tiki torches were made in China.


Does it make you an old fogie when you get pissed off that a concert scheduled for 7p hasn’t started by 845p. Asking for a friend.

Rumors that those against McMaster in the Trump White House are trying to allege he has a drinking problem.  Except that maybe a “drinking problem” is the only way a sane person could work in the Trump White House.



Pence  –  “Trump clearly & unambiguously condemned bigotry, violence & hate in streets of Charlottesville.”  Uh oh,  Time to check the VP for concussions?

Mom of alleged Charlottesville car killer says he dropped his cat off w/ her to attend rally. Cats everywhere responding #notmyhuman

“If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention,” #HeatherHeyer‘s last FB post.

“You let them win if you let them divide us” Lady Gaga, AT&T Park,

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2 Comments on “And the hits just keep on coming.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Can’t wait for Dumpkoff’s morning tweet, should look something like this: “Triumphant return tonite to NYC. Biggest crowds ever, even more than O’s. “#YUGE #WhiteSupremacistKKK #covfefe”

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