Keeping up.

UCLA QB Josh Rosen, complaining about being the difficulty of being a student-athlete “OK, raise the SAT requirement at Alabama and see what kind of team they have.”

And Crimson Tide players are going “what’s an SAT requirement?”


New England becomes first NFL team to buy their own planes. Confused, I thought Patriots already owned Jets.


Five stolen bases on the year for Buster Posey. You cannot hope to stop Posey, you can only contain him. @SFGiants

As awful as 2017 SF Giants season has been, who’ve have expected this sentence “Where would we be without  Ty Blach?


Green Bay Packers released DT Letroy Guion, after he was suspended 4 games by the NFL over PEDs and arrested for DUI in June. So too soon to start a pool as to when Guion might be picked up by the Dallas Cowboys?

A couple was arrested for having sex in public at the Wisconsin State Fair.     Guess that’s taking an attempt for a 4-H breeding ribbon a little too far?

Today is #InternationalCatDay And cats are sniffing. EVERY day is international cat day.


There will no doubt be a rousing chorus of “Rhinestone Cowboy” tonight in heaven. RIP #GlenCampbell

Can we just start calling it Fox and Fiends?  #FoxAndFriends

Google fired engineer who wrote women biologically unsuitable for tech jobs & leadership. Over-under on how long til he appears on Trump TV?



GOP saying they wish Trump would restrain himself on tweets is like parents of never-disciplined toddler suddenly expecting him to behave.

So imagine what @realDonaldTrump would have said about #NorthKorea if John Kelly weren’t around to rein him in. #WTF


Today is 72th anniversary of Nagasaki. When asked about the anniversary, wonder if @realDonaldTrump said Trump Tower had the best Nagasaki bowls?

Texas close to banning ACA and private insurance plans from covering abortions, except through supplemental plans.
But of course the same Texas legislature also supports welfare and child support for all mothers in need…. oh wait, never mind. #prolifemyass

From T.C.  “Breaking news. The US has just deported Dennis Rodman to Guam.

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One Comment on “Keeping up.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Trump still claims his 17 day vacation at his golf course is a working one – promising he’ll be involved in lots of “meetings” Hey Donny, u spelled “tweetings” wrong!

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