Just numbers.

Cubs outfielder John Jay pitched a scoreless 9th despite throwing pitches in the 50s. In related news Jamie Moyer just unretired.

The highest-seeded American man was eliminated at Wimbledon. All together now – who? (Jack Sock)

Happy #WorldChocolateDay And most women are thinking “Isn’t EVERY day World Chocolate Day?

Maine governor Paul Lepage “the sooner the print press goes away the better society will be.”. Is this a shameless attempt to be offered a position in the Trump administration?

Same punchline different start with a story from ESPN that the FBI investigated  former Indiana men’s basketball coach Bob Knight, 76, over allegations that he inappropriately touched four women during a 2015 visit to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

But maybe Knight’s defense is that looking at Trump, Sanders, Biden, Clinton etc, that he figured it was his best chance to launch a 2020 Presidential bid?


Rick Perry on economics “You create the supply and the demand will follow”. Sounds like someone with a warehouse full of beanie babies.

My Autocorrect tries to correct to “Fairness”. Shame this doesn’t happen with a certain someone’s tweets.

In Hamburg Hotel, apparently Trump’s staff either waited too late or didn’t have enough clout, or flat out antagonized the top hotels, resulting in the President of the United States having to bunk down in a guest house.   Maybe Trump ought to add to list of positions he needs to fill – good White House travel agent.


Putin and Trump meeting face-to-face: that awkward moment when you meet your Internet relationship after years of heart-to-heart talks?

2 hours between Putin & Trump today? So many questions. But as even occasional reality TV fans know – we never really know what happens in the  Fantasy Suite.

Putin Trump went over 2 hours despite being scheduled to go 30. “If ever I could leave you…”

Putin’s getting more face time with Trump than the US Press Corp have had in months.

According to NY Times,  Trump “accepts” Putin’s denials that he had anything to do with attempting to swing the 2016 election to Mr. Trump.

Because “anything” wasn’t “everything?”

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2 Comments on “Just numbers.”

  1. Dennis Mar Says:

    In John Jay’s defense, he throws harder from the outfield. According to the pitch-by-pitch account of the game on the Cubs website, every pitch he threw was a curve ball. The slowest was timed at 46.5 mph.

  2. Don Sherman Says:

    Did Trump win the war of body language or did Putin just not give a sh*t, because he did not want to be there?

    Also at the formal dinner that evening did Trump get one scoop of ice cream like everyone else?

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