Is one win a streak?

Inquiring SF Giants fans want to know.

SF Giants play “When the lights go down in the city” if team is ahead in 8th. Fans might be forgiven for wondering if it’s “Oldies night. ”

Meanwhile, NBA finally gets around to naming MVP,  Coach of the Year, etc.   Had some of those playoff series gone a bit longer have to wonder if they’d have had to have the ceremonies at halftime during preseason games.

Oracle Team USA blown out by Emirates New Zealand 7-1 in #AmericasCup. So US is now longer best in billionaire boat racing. #IblameTrump

Trump now accusing Obama of collusion in Russian election meddling that he said didn’t happen. #Whythereisnosatire


New provision in Trump care, not a mandate, but anyone uninsured for 64 days or more would have to wait 6 months for new insurance. So it’s simple, if you lose your job and can’t afford COBRA, don’t get sick.

But for those who get cancer or something else horrible –  in the name of removing the Obamacare mandate –  Live free AND die.



CBO Score says 22 million would become uninsured under Trumpcare. GOP disagrees, number will be much smaller as some of them will be dead.


Media complaining White House Press Conferences now “audio-only” No doubt Trump and Sean Spicer will respond by turning sound off.

Fox News’ Brit Hume said on Russia that colluding with a foreign government to influence an election would “obviously be alarming and highly inappropriate.” But, “it’s not a crime.”
Somewhere Nixon is going “Did I live in the wrong time or what?”

Police say the 14-year old girl who was videoed dangling from a Six Flag gondola ride in New York apparently deliberately slid under the safety bar. So the men who caught her did save her life, but apparently also prevented a well-earned Darwin award.


Got to love millennials. Two of them talking loudly in  a train car about the drama of their lives. For almost an hour. “Totally.”. Then one says “Don’t tell anyone I told you this but….”. All I can do not to turn around and say ” anyone?” You’ve just told everyone within earshot.

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One Comment on “Is one win a streak?”

  1. Marge Rudman Says:

    Actually feel free to let those loud teenagers on the train know they “just told everyone”. Then enjoy the look on their faces.

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