Keep calm and play ball.

Despite today’s shooting at the GOP Congressional baseball practice, Thursday night’s charity game will go on as scheduled between Democrats and Republicans.

One way to fight terror is not to give into it.


The news from London is horrible, many dead and missing after an high-rise apartment tower fire. Reports are the blaze was started by a faulty fridge, and made much worse by flammable cladding (covering) added to the building in a recent refurbishment.  And then there was only a single escape route.
But hey, here in the US let’s get rid of expensive safety regulations.


It’s hard to call something a nice story in the midst of such a terrible story. But apparently the death toll at London’s Grenfell Tower could have been much higher. But Muslim residents in the building stay awake until 2am or so because of Ramadan for their last meal and prayer. Many of them were able to alert others to get out.’

A Wisconsin GOP lawmaker on today’s Virginia shooting “This media frenzy and absurdity MUST STOP! There are people crazy enough to carry out these heinous acts.”
I don’t remember hearing the same Republican outrage after Gabby Giffords was shot after that ad showing Democrats in cross-hairs. Or when “crazy” people have gone after abortion doctors assailed as baby-killers

GOP position: guns don’t kill people, Shakespeare kills people.

So where is the demand that all older white men disavow acts of terrorism committed by an older white man? #Alexandria #VAshooting

#SanFranciscoUPS mass killer reportedly had “history of mental illness.” But let’s make it easier for people like him to get guns.


I really would like to know WHEN GOP thinks it’s a good idea to have gun control debate. “Between mass shootings” doesn’t leave open dates.

Fox News is dropping their “Fair and Balanced” slogan. Are they going to change it to “Alternative Facts?”


Befitting solemn mood in Wash. DC today, @realDonaldTrump’s Twitter page is STILL  festooned with colorful moving birthday balloons. #WTF?


Got invite as an SF Giants fan to join team a “Giants Vacation” to Hawaii in late November. November? Why wait, this year’s team will be free in October.

Johnny Cueto seems like he might want a trade from the SF Giants to a contending team.  But if he doesn’t start pitching consistently better, no contender will want him.



Special counsel Mueller apparently investigating Trump for #ObstructionOfJustice. Too soon to start a pool on what date Trump will fire him?



A United flight from Newark to Venice was canceled today after a a wing leaking fuel on the runway. The airline provided passengers with hotel rooms But oh the horror – not only missing out on a day in Venice, but needing to spend another night in Newark.

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2 Comments on “Keep calm and play ball.”

  1. Dennis Mar Says:

    Today’s commentary: hard hitting but with humor — I thought I was reading the script for the Rachel Madow show.

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