Same time next year?

So the NBA postseason is finally over. NBA 2017-18 preseason starts next week.


Congrats Golden State Warriors, but announcers calling it “redemption? Great win but “redemption” when team with three all-Star starters and the best record in 2016-17 then adds  Kevin Durant?

Unknown buyer paid $133,000 for 2 courtside seats for tonight’s #NBAFinals game 5. Did they vote Trump thinking they needed a tax cut?

Some unknown buyer paid $133,000 for a pair of courtside seats to tonight’s Warriors-Cavs game. Well, guess they don’t think they need to save money this year for SF Giants World Series tickets.

Madbum Bumgarner has started throwing off a mound and hopes to be making rehab starts sooner. Which is good news for SF Giants, except that his replacement Ty Blach might be their best pitcher.

Anyone remember who won the Belmont Stakes this weekend. Yeah, me neither. #noDerbywinnernoPreaknesswinner


Monday and already have the first world problem for the week: Local Starbucks has a broken machine & can sell you “anything but coffee.”

Look, Julius Caesar isn’t my favorite Shakespeare play, but using a US president as Caesar is old news. It’s happened frequently, and  in 2012 with a Minneapolis production with Obama.

And have any of these conservative snowflakes actually read the play so they know the point?


While GOP is so upset about #JuliusCaesar, remember this line from the play – “What a terrible era in which idiots govern the blind.”

The first new U.S. coal mine since Trump’s inauguration opened in Pennsylvania today. (Even though it was started last August during the Obama adminstration.) All of 70 jobs.
Assume a parade of dignitaries rode in with their horse and buggies.

Reports that Trump is considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. As soon as he decides whether to replace him with Ivanka or Jared?

 Ivanka Trump on being a White House advisor ” There’s a level of viciousness that I was not expecting”

Guessing someone doesn’t spend a lot of time reading her Dad’s tweets.


This would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Trump has now tweeted “What has happened in Orlando is just the beginning. Our leadership is weak and ineffective. I called it and asked for the ban. Must be tough.”
Uh, first, the Pulse shooter was born in the US. And second, what about the five innocent people murdered last week by a disgruntled white guy with a criminal history and gun?


Where are people screaming about a lack of decency in a Shakespeare play on subject of NBC giving Alex Jones an interview?


Congressman-elect Greg Gianforte pleaded guilty today and avoided jail time for body-slamming a reporter. He will have to serve 40 hours of community service, attend anger management courses, and pay a $385 fine. Gianforte would have paid more had he run a red light in California.

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3 Comments on “Same time next year?”

  1. Sorry to hear your Starbucks had a broken machine — guess you’ll just have to go to the one in the next block. 😉

    At least if MadBum comes back, they can trade Cueto before the deadline and maybe get that outfielder they desperately need.

  2. Oh, and really not much comparison between Trump and Julius Caesar — Caesar was actually a great general. Better play to choose would be MacBeth where a paranoid wanted to rule the world but refused to listen to his advisers. Where’s a good Birnam Wood when we need it?

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