Bottoms up?

Getting sense that if Comey stands up this morning and flatly says Trump told him to obstruct justice GOP will say Trump is vindicated.

Some DC bars are offering free drinks in the morning during Comey testimony every time Trump tweets about it.  So if these words are blurring, cheers.

ESPN reports that a Golden State sweep in the NBA finals would cost the Warriors’ owners more than $22 million for games not played at Oracle. “I feel so sorry for them” said nobody.

Pro-Trump group to run attack ad against Comey during former FBI director’s testimony. Not much gratitude for making their guy President


#HonestLoyalty sounds like a garage band or a stripper name.



Think I just watched Buster Posey’s first non-solo home run since about 2014. #SFGiants

After 18 seasons, Bob Stoops said today that he is retiring as Oklahoma’s football coach, and it is not for health reasons. Too soon to start a pool on possible Sooner scandals?

Apple is going to have a new iPhone feature called “Do Not Disturb While Driving” that will block texts and other notifications.. But passengers who are just riding will be able to disable the tool. So wonder what percent of people will just claim they are always passengers?

Seeing many complaints against Democrats for not articulating a positive message. Point taken. But it is difficult to talk about about a nice remodeling project when someone is trying to burn the house down.

Maybe this is another reason why Trump likes Putin so much? Vlad in an upcoming Oliver Stone documentary “I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days I am not trying to insult anyone. That’s just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles.”


Chris Christie  — Trump comments to Comey were “What he considers to be normal, New York City conversation.” Think I like “locker room banter” better.


More Chris Christie, defending Trump ahead of Comey testimony “And quite frankly, in these kind of conversations everybody hears what they want to hear.” So that’s going to be Christie’s defense when his official misconduct case in Bridgegate finally comes to trial?

Those in GOP complaining about waste of time & money on #SenateIntelHearing didn’t have a problem with all those hearings on Benghazi


So if we Democrats aren’t people what are we? Would be okay with saying I’m a cat but then Eric Trump might shoot me?

On a lighter note, got  a message the BBC had quoted my Amal and George comment from yesterday  “What, George and Amal Clooney gave their new twins nice normal names? Ella and Alexander. Isn’t that a violation of celebrity rules?”

Glad to be one American on Twitter who’s not offending the Brits. 🙂

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