Not even close?

NBA Finals game 2 – looking like only competitive playoff game involving #Warriors will be Western Conf. Finals before Kawhi went down.

If the league knew the Warriors were going to look this good they might have scheduled games one  through four  with a week between them to stretch this thing out.

PK Subban said that during the Stanley Cup game  3.  Sidney Crosby “told me my breath smelled.” So this is trash talking in the NHL?

SF Giants and Phillies played a series where both teams look like they richly deserve their 2017 records.


This long slide to bottom for @SFGiants might be traced to trading the owner of @duffcat35 #MissingSkeeter?


I’m sure Trump would have trolled the mayor of London even if his name was still  Boris Johnson instead of Sadiq Khan.

Wonder who besides me was disgusted by Bill Maher’s casual use of the “n” word, but even more disgusted by Trump’s tweets on #LondonAttacks.

#Stayclassy. That’s usually a hashtag for some athlete or celebrity. Or a minor political figure. Not a President. But, Trump tweeted today “Do you notice we are not having a gun debate right now? That’s because they used knives and a truck!”
And just imagine the death toll in London if they DID have guns.

Do I care if Trump golfs, no, but when you’ve got a guy who repeatedly trolled President Obama for golfing, and has now played his 22nd round in less than 150 days…. This is after he said said if elected he wouldn’t have time for golf, but rather “stay in the White House and work my ass off….”
As far as i can tell with pictures, his ass is still attached. Growing even.

In Turin, over 1,500 were injured, fortunately only three seriously, after a bomb scare apparently caused by some people freaking out over fireworks. This triggered a stampede at a soccer match. Fear itself is winning.

The Secret Service says they will use the “whole-person concept” and will no longer automatically disqualify an applicant who has used marijuana repeatedly in the past. Well, it’s high time.


According to the Harvard Crimson, at least 10 students admitted to Harvard in 2017 had their admissions rescinded after posting offensive things in a Facebook group titled , “Harvard memes for horny bourgeois teens.”  (We aren’t apparently talking just un-pC jokes, this stuff included abusing children,  jokes on rape, the Holocaust etc.)

Two reactions here – first, how can you be smart enough to get into Harvard and stupid enough to post this kind of crap publicly on line. And second, this year there are some happy people on Harvard’s waitlist.

Just wondering what Trump would have said if a foreign leader responded to the fatal stabbings in Portland by tweeting an attack on him and his policies.

As Trump prepares to focus on infrastructure this week – while he’s not golfing or insulting our allies, this is an important reminder (via the NY Times) “The federal government would make only a fractional down payment on rebuilding the nation’s aging infrastructure. Trump would rely on a combination of private industry, state and city tax money, and borrowed cash to finance the rest.”
Wonder how much of the proposed money will go to corporations run by Trump family and donors.




Light bus to hell moment from TC  “Anyone notice that French Prez Macron held Trump’s hand longer than Melania???

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