First, reality.


Killing children sucks. That is all. #manchester

But back to jokes etc, not because they are more important. But because if we stop laughing, the bad guys win.

Kevin Durant after Warriors ‘ game 3 win against Spurs. “If you don’t like it don’t watch it.” Well that should have done wonders for tonight’s ratings.

A small test for anyone who claims they are a Predators fan: name one player on the team.

Of course, many might read this and go “Who are the Predators?”

Enes Kanter, whose passport was canceled for criticizing Turkish Pres. Erdogan, wants to become an US citizen. Paging Gregg Popovich #Spurs

Story broke yesterday that Khloe Kardashian is trying to convince Cleveland’s Tristan Thompson to marry her. And the Cavs lost their first game of the playoffs. Coincidence?

#SCOTUS ruled 5-3 NC districts were illegally gerrymandered for race. Clarence Thomas voted w/ majority. Forecast for hell tonight- snow.

WH says Trump only used phrase “Islamic extremism” because he was “exhausted.” So can someone put nuclear codes away when he needs a nap?


Late night on West Coast – time to start a pool on just what Donald Trump will say tomorrow where he tweeted exact opposite last year?

USA Today reports Homeland Security said “More than 600,000 foreign travelers who legally entered the United States in 2016 overstayed their visas and remained in the country at the end of the year.
“Visa overstays” make up an estimated FORTY PERCENT of the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US.
So we’re going to build a wall on runways too?

MSNBC has now leapfrogged both CNN & Fox in the ratings. So there’s one American company Trump has made great again.

Infowars (Alex Jones) touting new WH Press Credentials with statement – “Alternative media has establishment running scared.” Alternative media? Didn’t they mean alternative facts?

Media carefully didn’t say country in Russian intelligence story. Trump “I never mentioned #Israel.” Pres would be really bad at Password.

Press release on Trump’s goals in Mideast -“Promote the possibility of lasting peach.” Make America Grape Again?

Trump to Israel’s President after his flight from Riyadh “We just got back from Middle East.” Not sure Trump’s college major, but guessing not geography.

A Fox News columnist is outraged that California Democratic Party chair John Burton led delegates in a brief chant of “F*ck Trump.” Now, we can argue about whether Burton’s language was appropriate or not. But where was the Fox outrage over chants of “Lock her Up” or memes/signs suggesting physical violence to Hillary Clinton?


Large sinkhole has formed in front of Mar-a-Lago. Well, that’s one potential way to get rid of the Michael Flynn problem.

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