Money for nothing

Tom Brady has signed a deal with Aston Martin to endorse a car that starts at $211,995 . Will the slogan be “If you spend over $200,000 on a car, you really should be checked for concussions?”

A high school sports literature class got out of their final exam when a student got Aaron Rodgers to retweet him.  And a lot of high school and college football players are going “what’s a ‘class’ and ‘final exam?”

On a #bustohell note about Times Square, did anyone really think a serious terrorist would have used a Honda Accord?


If Comey was disgusted by a “Trump hug” how do men think all those women who have been grabbed etc for years feel?


Comey to testify publicly before Senatel committee. No doubt it will be shown live on  all major networks except Fox,  which probably will do a show recapping the allegations on Hillary’s emails.

Trump called Comey a “Nut job” That ought to make him even more popular with the FBI.  #WTF?

Apparently everyone’s trying very hard to keep President happy on his 1st foreign tour. So will they put “Trump” signs on all the hotels?.


So should we start a pool on which country @realDonaldTrump will insult most on his World tour?

Jeb Bush on Trump “When I ran for office, I said he is a chaos candidate and would be a chaos president.” Did he follow the statement with “Please clap?”

Does this craziness w/ Trump make others glad they didn’t accept VP role, or sorry they didn’t take chance to be appointed President?

So now Russia probe has reached “a significant person of interest” who is “close to the President.” Well that lets out Melania & Tiffany.

Ah, for those more innocent days when “He went to Jared” was just a stupid jewelry commercial. #Russia #PersonOfInterest

Once again, Trump is reminding us – never trust a man who doesn’t like animals and had never had a pet.

Utah GOP Rep. Jason Chaffetz, who was chair of the House Oversight Committee that will investigated Trump’s firing FBI Director Comey, said today that he will resign from Congress in June, citing a “mid-life crisis.”
Right. and then will Chaffetz join the speaking circuit on the subject of personal responsibility?


TC, on Goodyear putting their logo on Cavs uniforms next year. “So who will be featured on the blimp, Snoopy or Charles Barkley?”

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One Comment on “Money for nothing”

  1. Neal Says:

    Once again, Trump is reminding us – never trust a man who doesn’t like animals and had never had a pet.

    So when it’s time to “pardon” the turkey at Thanksgiving …

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