Just one or two little rough spots.

The SFGiants have had a great 2017 season so far, #WithFewExceptions

Las Vegas sportsbooks aren’t expecting too much drama in the NBA Western Conference Finals. $100 bet on the Warriors to win the series would win $6.25. $100 bet on the Spurs would win $900. Christians had better odds against Lions.

Meanwhile Wizards and Celtics are fighting awfully hard for the right to be blown out by the Cavs.

At this point the best hope for serious NBA semi-final drama would be if Cavs and Warriors players somehow got into a Las Vegas brawl resulting in injuries before their series’ started.

Apparently a policeman was writing “open-container” tickets for fans getting off the train tonight and heading to AT&T Park. Shouldn’t there be a waiver because alcohol is the only way to get through some of these SF Giants games?

Josh Gordon’s appeal for reinstatement to the NFL after multiple marijuana issues has been denied.   Now if he’d only hit a woman while in a steroid-induced rage after being caught with a DUI, he’d be back by midseason.

Anyone else thinking they liked #HouseofCards better when it was just Netflix series? And when Frank Underwood didn’t look like an upgrade.

So if there are #WhiteHouse tapes I am sure it is Obama’s fault.

Trump calls Comey a “showboat.” Don’t know if pots or kettles are laughing harder.


Give Trump credit for accomplishing something huge. Who else could have made Comey a bipartisan sympathetic figure?

Now President of the United States is opening threatening the former head of the FBI he just fired. What could possibly go wrong?

Am sure FBI employees have no problem with Trump threatening their former director.

#WithfewExceptions, Lincoln enjoyed his time at the theater and JFK had a nice visit to Dallas.

#Withfewexceptions Nixon was not a crook.


Trump complains Spicer’s “press conferences are like the biggest thing on daytime television.” He’s worried about Sean beating his ratings?

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One Comment on “Just one or two little rough spots.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Now President of the United States is opening threatening the former head of the FBI he just fired.

    All because Comey’s family now shop at Nordstroms!

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