Questions questions

“Who knew firing people could be so complicated?”

What if Trump REALLY misses his previous life & just plans on being more & more audacious until he is sent back to it?

Overstatement to say “f*cking miracle has occurred?” The SFGiants score 4, in the 9th, hang on and win the game 6-5.  First time they have won a game they trailed in the 9th since 2015.   Of course it was the Mets.  #dontgettooexcited?

Yeah, #ChristianArroyo really wasn’t ready to come up to MLB. Thank you @arroyo_c How soon can SFGiants get bobblehead ready?

Buster Posey has hit more home runs in 3 games at CitiField than he had hit all season. Is he trying to get traded to the #Mets? #SFGiants

Spicer hiding in White House hedges to avoid reporters on #ComeyFiring.  Is Trump trying to have Melissa McCarthy die of exhaustion? #WTF #SNL

So can we start a pool on who will be the next person @realDonaldTrump fires?

If Congress decides to appoint special prosecutor for Trump-Russia situation will the President next fire Congress? #comey #PreetBharara

If you doubt supporters think he can do no wrong, saw serious tweet praising Trump’s Comey firing, saying he should replace him as FBI director with Michael Flynn.  #WTF

Credit where credit is due. With way women reacting to @realDonaldTrump have to figure he’s great for wine sales. Huge!

If I were conspiracy theorist I might think possibily announcing an airline laptop ban in midst of  Comey uproar a good way to distract Americans with outrage.

What’s commotion about Russian media planting listening devices in Oval Office? Trump hasn’t already done it for BFF Vlad?

In Australian, a woman senator made history by being the first to breast-feed her baby during Parliament.  In the US, almost worth getting a young woman to run for Congress, just to see some GOP heads explode.

Personally I believe in free speech. But whoever thought #BetsyDeVos giving commencement speech at Bethune-Cookman was good idea? Flori-duh?


So how did #BetsyDeVos get asked to speak at Bethune Cookman? David Duke wasn’t available?

Jason Chaffetz wants the DOJ to look into Comey’s firing. Abundance of caution, or seeing drops of blood in the water? #Sharknado

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2 Comments on “Questions questions”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Dummkoph loves TV ratings,so the new FBI head will be Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

  2. Donald Sherman Says:

    When asked about why Trump fired Comey, he said “Because he was doing a trouble job.” This should apply to the man who approval rating are at the lowest ever.

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