Draft numbers

Two Stanford players taken in top 10. And before a single Alabama player. #McCaffrey #Thomas #NerdNation

It can be hard for a rookie QB out of college replacing a beloved franchise figure. Mitch Trubisky with Chicago Bears will not have that problem.

Raiders drafted Gareon Conley at #24, even though the cornerback  was accused of rape earlier this month. But maybe for long-time Raider fans it makes sense.   It it works out great, if not, Conley ends up being Las Vegas’s problem.

Overheard by a friend with her daughter at a SF Bay area formal wear store. Millennial walks in Friday afternoon at 3pm. Tells a salesperson, I’m supposed to pick up my dress tomorrow but I’m going to be busy so want to pick it up now.” Women politely tells her “it’s in process.” The response “Can you make it ready?”

Coca-Cola is fighting a lawsuit from a man who said he found a mouse in his Coke that if the animal really had been in the can it would have been “much more decomposed.”
So just imagine what the drink does to our stomachs. #whatdoesntkillyoumakesyoustronger?

Now #Delta under fire for removing passenger for bathroom emergency while plane on tarmac. Has someone told airlines about the concept of  cellphone video?

Thinking this Facebook top 10 band list isn’t really fair to those who came of age during the 60s. Because if you did the 60s right, you may not remember which bands you saw.

Ah, Michael Flynn is now Obama’s fault. Give Trump administration points for consistency.

Should we be surprised that an overly simplistic tax cut proposal comes from a President who sees world 140 characters at a time?

Wow, latest (&) longest tweetstorm from @realDonaldTrump puts all blame on Democrats. Amazed he couldn’t somehow include blame for Hillary.


Can understand Trump doesn’t particularly like Democrats, but he does realize GOP controls House and Senate?

Trump tax plan eliminates all deductions for state & local taxes. Does that mean entire Trump family will soon claim residency at Mar-A-Lago in Florida?

Trump is speaking before the NRA in Atlanta. No guns allowed though Georgia is an open carry state with a permit. Where are the protests?



Dr. David Dao has apparently reached an “amicable settlement” with United Airlines. Wonder how many rea$on$ they gave him to settle.

Apparently Obama will accept $400,000 to speak at a health care conference this year sponsored by Cantor Fitzgerald. How dare he enrich himself after leaving the Presidency? A real leader would have enriched himself DURING his Presidency.


Bill Cosby says he is “completely blind,” Donald Trump said he thought being President “would be easier.” Time for a violin concert?

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin says Trump not releasing tax returns: Pres “has given more financial disclosure than anybody else” And he said it w/ straight face.

United says they will now offer up to $10,000 for volunteers on overbooked flights. Here’s, in all seriousness is a simple suggestion that would reduce their need to overbook: Stop having change fees of at least $200 for fares less than $200. The system encourages anyone with a really low fare ticket to just buy another ticket and not show up for the first one.

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3 Comments on “Draft numbers”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    How ironic. The Trump tax plan called for saving itemize deductions for charities. This is from a man who has offered to give to many organizations, but never does. And when he does it is through his foundation, which most of the money come from other individuals.

  2. TC in BC Says:

    Another N Korean missile has launched and failed. It also crashed into The Sea of Japan. This is great news for Prez Kim-Jong-un if he is trying to intimidate The Sea of Japan.

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