Is it May yet?

Who knew T.S. Eliot was a #SFGiants fan? “April is the cruelest month.”


Sharks were two minutes away from going up 3-2 & now are out of the playoffs. SF Giants having worst April ever.  Apparently sports gods feel Warriors are enough for Bay Area

SF Giants don’t think Christian Arroyo is ready to be a major league hitter yet. And two-thirds of their starting outfield tonight is Chris Marrero and Gorkys Hernandez. Sigh. Before Span crashed into the wall.


And Span didn’t even go dirt bike riding. #SFGiants

Bruce Bochy took 2 games off from #SFGiants because of heart condition. Guessing doctor didn’t approve of him taking that call from #Madbum

At some point during NBA playoffs both Warriors and Cavs will probably have to show up for four quarters.

As a Spurs fan have to hope they make it through to Western Conference finals, not because they have enough stars to match with the Warriors. But because more people really should watch Kawhi Leonard.

The Hawks’ Paul Millsap & the Wizards’ Markieff Morris are trash-talking each other during the playoffs. And many casual NBA fans are going “who and who?”

Happy #EarthDay Waiting for the GOP rebuttal.

So someday will we tell our children that we remember when science used to be nonpartisan. #marchforscience

Sign seen at #marchforscience “Trump. – No Science. No Rogaine. No Hair.”

United Airlines has had one of the rougher months for U.S airlines in public relations history. American Airlines “Hold my beer.”

Report says more than 8,600 US brick & mortar stores will close their doors in 2017. Where’s Trump tweet taking credit? #jobsjobsjobs!


Trump to hold rally night of White House Correspondents Dinner. Fine, no one cover it. What happens if a Trump rants in a forest…?

Trump, personally giving out a Purple Heart today  “Tremendous, tremendous job, congratulations.”    This is the same man who said last August.  “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.”

Maybe just a BIT unclear on the concept?


From Marc Ragovin  “Following the Predators’ sweep, many Blackhawks fans were seen being taken away kicking and screaming from the United Center.”

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One Comment on “Is it May yet?”

  1. Richard Nelson Says:

    Can we blame Al Gore for inventing the inter net on all the store closings?

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