The greatest love of all.

Let’s be real, Fox News is not firing Bill O’Reilly for harassing women. They are firing him because advertisers left.


So far NBA playoffs 1st round has so little drama seems only logical function of including 16 teams is television $$$.   Oops, never mind.

A’s new 2017 slogan “Rooted in Oakland.” With their plumbing issues at the Coliseum maybe it should be “Roto-Rooted in Oakland.”

Serena Williams expecting a baby in August, meaning she was pregnant when she won Australian Open in late January.  Four words: Weaker sex my ass.

Aaron Hernandez apparently hanged himself in his jail cell. A sad waste, but hard to be sad he’s gone.

Tom Brady skipped Wednesday’s  Patriots White House visit to attend to “personal family matters.” Meaning Gisele wouldn’t speak to him if he goes?

Would accuse #SFGiants offense of being criminally bad, but case might be dismissed for insufficient evidence.


Sorry, when so many MLB pitchers who face #SFGiants pitch best game of season/career maybe it’s not just their stuff. #offensewhatoffense?



Marshmallow Peeps 1/2 price after Easter. Shouldn’t stores wait to put Peeps on sale until they are near their expiration date in 2100?

Bill O’Reilly met the Pope Wednesday in Rome. Well, at least His Holiness is one person in a skirt we know O’Reilly won’t grope.

UC Berkeley called off an Ann Coulter speech due to worries about potential violence, but she and the students who invited her said she’ll come anyone and “speak on or off campus.”
Now, I’m for free speech, even in this case.
But before we allow Coulter to take the moral high ground thinking just maybe a woman who doesn’t want violence shouldn’t say things like “N Korea will make nuke capable of hitting Seattle! Situation will be dire as soon as they can hit a city worth saving.”

Trump supported O’Reilly, but Bill is still out. So where are the tweets slamming #FakeNews Fox News?

Trump praises Patriots & slams “the good ol’ pundits, God they’re wrong a lot, huh?” Uh, actually pundits all expected New England to win.

From my funny friend Alex Kaseberg  “Tom Brady decided to skip the White House Super Bowl winner ceremony. It’s not a big deal. Brady has won five Super Bowls. He’s been to the White House more than Melania Trump.”

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2 Comments on “The greatest love of all.”

  1. Chad Picasner Says:

    “Roto-rooted in Oakland.” A terrific line. Nice going, Janice.

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