Not how you start…

Spurs had 16 point lead on the Warriors after 1st quarter and lost.  So will the league fine Popovich for resting his entire team for three quarters?

The Warriors-Spurs matchup, one of the marquee regular season games, tipped off at 930pm ET, 830p central.   Even Major League Baseball is thinking, don’t you care about your fans?


To be fair to Spurs that 8:30pm start meant 2nd half was past Gasol, Parker and Ginobili’s bedtimes.

T.J McDonald suspended 8 games by NFL after being arrested for driving under the influence of prescription drugs. Hmm, so had he hit a woman instead of driving would he have only gotten six?

Does it make you a snowflake if you get upset because your favorite #Starbucks is closing? Asking for a friend.

Consumer confidence reportedly up.   Or it’s just Americans feeling, “We might as well spend, we’re all going to die.”

Trump approval ratings now at 35% . Waiting for #SeanSpicer to explain how this is really like golf. Lowest scores win.

Not sure what was worst, that Matt Cain gave up 4 runs in 5.1 innings  for the SF Giants. Or that the outing actually lowered his Spring Training ERA to 7.82.

Trump & Christie pledge to fight opiod epidemic. No one told them GOP healthplan would strip coverage for mental health/addiction services?

Chris Christie met with Donald Trump at the White House today, the same day one of his former top aides was sentenced to 2 years in prison over “Bridgegate.” Only the little people pay penalties.

GOP-controlled Congress voted to let internet providers sell our browsing history.. So yep when it comes to privacy, these are the good old days

So with this new bill gutting internet privacy rights is it too much to ask that Trump has filed his taxes online?

Apparently none of the White House staff will attend annual correspondents’ dinner in “solidarity” with President Trump, Translation, “solidarity” means “keeping your job.”

#Trump asked women today “Have you heard of #SusanBAnthony? No doubt he heard she & #FrederickDouglass are being recognized more & more

Who says Trump is not a uniter? CNN reporting how the GOP vote to repeal internet privacy rules, a bill expected to be signed by the President, has been “panned by both the editorial board of The New York Times and by commenters on conservative media outlet Breitbart News.”

“The Classic” concert just announced this summer will feature the Eagles, Steely Dan, Doobie Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Journey, and Earth Wind & Fire. So based on the target audience demographic assume all tickets will include a senior citizen discount.

Jeb Bush on Donald Trump “He should stop saying things that aren’t true.” Would Jeb care to opine on what things Trump says that are true?

#Hawaii judge issues an injunction against Trump’s travel ban. Too soon to start a pool on the timing of #FakeState tweets?

Ivanka Trump gets a White House desk & top level security clearance. Wonder if Donald will invite Tiffany to the Easter Egg Hunt?

Iowa GOP bill would allow parents to stop abortion if “woman is less than eighteen years of age or unmarried.” #Bridgetothe19thcentury




And with Opening Day almost upon us.   Thanks to JD for this Carnac moment I had forgotten  “Another favorite Carnac memory: The answer is “Catch-22.” The question is “What do the Los Angeles Dodgers do with 50 fly balls?”

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One Comment on “Not how you start…”

  1. Donald Sherman Says:

    Sometime body language can scream at you.

    During yesterday’s White House Press Briefing at one point it was at split screen. Sean Spicer was on the left side, and Donald Trump at his listening session. Trump was in the center of the picture wearing is standard Red extra-long and larger phallic tie. Christie was on his right side and some other gentleman was on this right. Trump posture sitting very upright with his arms folded across his chest. (Your standard defiant and protective position). The other 2 gentleman were leaning forward, both arms on the table straight in front of them. (Open and receptive position).

    Just an observation.

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