Not quite springing


A woman was arrested in Florida for trespassing and claiming a relationship with Tim Tebow. The other Mets aren’t too concerned, at least she doesn’t seem to be interested in stalking professional athletes.


So with  Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant both out maybe Kerr & Popovich should just  have fun & make @Spurs @Warriors an all bench game.

At time of posting, Kerr just announced he will sit most of his starters. Maybe Pop should take the night off and let Becky Hammon coach. Not that she needs the help, but could be fun.

Not sure how long Duke will be in NCAA tournament but Grayson Allen is perfect player to watch for those missing NFL violence. #MarchMadness

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, 70, who founded the idea of anti-gay conversion therapy, has died. Or maybe we should say God permanently converted him.


Nancy Pelosi said today if Hillary Clinton had won she would have retired. NOW she tells us. Might have been a great Midwest campaign ad.

Apparently Jim Mattis is battling with the White House over his choice to be undersecretary of defense for policy, which is apparently the 4th most powerful position in the Pentagon. Anne Patterson, a former ambassador to Egypt was a supporter of President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Waiting to see how this is somehow Obama’s fault.

A Florida judge denied a retired police captain’s motion to use the “Stand Your Ground” defense after he fatally shot another man in a movie theater, allegedly in an argument over texting. So the case will now go to trial. Wonder if the decision had anything to do with the victim being a married young white father?

Tomorrow morning will Trump tweet that Obama was responsible for Sean Spicer’s flag pin being upside down?

Tomorrow morning will Trump tweet that Obama was responsible for Sean Spicer’s flag pin being upside down?

#SeanSpicer used the phrase “not aware” 10 times in today’s press conference. 11 if you count his upside down flag pin.


Trump canceled multiple open press events this week, citing “limited space.” Can we add that phrase to #TrumpDictionary #alternativefacts




Wait, we are losing an hour’s sleep this weekend? I blame Trump.




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