Blame it on the electoral college

How many of us would have loved to wake up Nov 9, 2016 & found out those networks reporting election results were as accurate as #Oscars?

So now that #Moonlight has been correctly called as Best Picture at the #Oscars can we have a redo on the 2016 Presidential Election?

Not quite sure what happened.  But after tonight will the Oscares announce  Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty will redo Bonnie & Clyde?. This time getaway car drives away w/ left blinker on.

So when did #Oscars become #FakeNews? I blame Trump

Waiting for Trump to tweet angrily that the Academy failed to nominate him for his great acting performance as a populist.

LaLaLand still keeps the Best Picture award for movies most Americans have actually seen?

Happiest man in the US right now not associated with #Moonlight has to be #SteveHarvey #Oscars

Thought La La Land was good, not great. Have to think though after the Oscars that sexism trumps racism. #HiddenFigures #Moonlight

So does Trump watch the #Oscars or just rely on Fox News to tell him who to attack?

Baltimore Ravens safety Matt Elam arrested this morning in Miami on reckless driving and drug charges, mostly marijuana. You’d think these idiots would make enough money to spend weekends in Colorado.

Not big Nascar fan, still think better to run out of gas on last lap leading #Daytona500 than playing safe & finishing 4th @KyleLarsonRacing

Actor Bill Paxton, 61, died Sunday. Sad. Much too young. And also when you die on the morning of the Oscars it’s too late to be featured in the “In Memoriam” segment. #bustohell

You know the world has turned upside down when Chris Christie is the voice of reason, saying that GOP lawmakers should have town halls. “Welcome to the real world of responsibility. I understand why members of Congress don’t like it. But you know what? You asked for the job. Go do it.”

Judge Joseph Wapner, 97, from “The People’s Court” has died. Wonder if Trump had him on his Supreme Court list?


Back to a bit of seriousness…

This DNC chair thing is overblown IMHO. And plenty of time to come together for the midterms. But for all those who are convinced the GOP is thrilled that the Democrats chose Tom Perez – right, because they’d have just hated running against a party chaired by a Black Muslim or a young gay man…. (Ellison/Buttigieg)


Regarding the fact that Perez was on Hillary’s side against Bernie. I can understand how Sanders supporters might find that off-putting. But as someone who has been involved in local politics for decades now, I know that it’s messy. I’ve seen candidates in the primaries and in city races tell outright lies about opponents being secretly Republican, spread false rumors about affairs, illegal contributions, run attack ads that are misleading at best, etc. Unfortunately I’ve seen, as most of us have, good people make bad choices. And sometimes as awful as the campaigns get, you still have to vote in the general election for a candidate you don’t personally admire. To put it mildly.
Not saying it’s right. But it’s sausage making.



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4 Comments on “Blame it on the electoral college”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    Simple explanation for the Oscar screw up: Moonlight won the electoral college

  2. marc ragovin Says:

    The Academy Awards bigwigs are blaming Price Waterhouse for the La La Land/moonlight screw up. Weren’t they the same people who gave us the 1985 NBA draft?

  3. TC in BC Says:

    Mr. Small Hands “Fake” Prez claims the Oscar’s flub was all because of him. Are you kidding me? The only reason 7 Billion people are currently alive on this planet are because of him!!!

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