Right about now..

Right about now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers might be wishing  Jameis Winston had stuck to shoplifting crab legs.

Jameis Winston was speaking to elementary age children when he talked about boys being “strong.”  “But the ladies, they’re supposed to be silent, polite, gentle..”


#JameisWinston says he made “a poor word choice.” No, using F-bomb with 3rd graders is a “poor word choice.”  You’re just a sexist a**hole.


So all of these  CPAC homophobes are really more comfortable with Caitlyn Jenner & her friends joining them in the men’s room?

Just got a “pre-sale” offer for #ChrisBrown “The Party Tour.” Shouldn’t tour be titled “And the hits just keep on coming?” #bustohell

Steve Bannon at CPAC said the media is “dead wrong” in their portrayal of Trump. More like he wishes they were both.


Trump says the  US has ‘fallen behind on nuclear weapon capacity.’ Right, like billionaires have fallen behind with the economic recovery.

Sean Spicer talked today about the “opioid addiction crisis” and added “There is still a federal law that we need to abide by when it comes to recreational marijuana and drugs of that nature. I do believe you will see greater enforcement of it,”
Opioids are in the same category as marijuana? What has HE been smoking?


Ah Caitlyn,  you didn’t notice those orange fingers behind her back?  Jenner’s Tweet on Thursday.

“Well @realDonaldTrump, from one Republican to another, this is a disaster. You made a promise to protect the LGBTQ community. Call me. ”
John Boehner now says the GOP is “going to fix Obamacare – I shouldn’t call it repeal-and-replace, because it’s not going to happen. Most of the framework of the Affordable Care Act that’s going to be there.”
Never thought I’d even (slightly) miss Boehner.


Rioting in Arizona is defined now as “Two or more people using or threatening force or violence in a way that disturbs the peace.”
A new Senate bill would expand the definition to include property damage, and allow the prosecution of protest organizers if someone riots during the protest. Or if prosecutors claim they fear rioting, they could arrest people just for planning an event.
Of course, we’ve never had out of control law enforcement in Arizona.

So at the same time the GOP is trying to gut the ACA and talk about “personal responsibility” they are getting rid of nutrition requirements for school lunches. Yeah, because 7 year olds need to make smart life choices. #SMH

Kellyanne Conway is back, slamming feminists. (“Anti-male, pro-abortion.”) And saying “this whole sisterhood, this whole ‘let’s go march for women’s rights” has a “presumptive negativity about women in power.”
Uh, Kellyanne, most of these feminists you are talking about voted for a woman to have the power of the Presidency…

Just a final US  thought. Apparently Betsy Devos – gasp – wanted to do the right thing for trans kids with school bathroom regulations, but was told to keep quiet and stand down by men in the Trump administration.
So maybe Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris should take Devos for a girl’s night out and a little “I am woman” pep talk… Who knows what other seditious thoughts they might sow?

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One Comment on “Right about now..”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    Breaking News: President DumpKoff has prohibited anyone associated with The New York Times, CNN, LA Times, Huffington Post and others media outlets from White House news briefing today from The ‘Minister of Propaganda’ Sean Spicer.

    Insiders warn that all radio and television broadcasts could be over-ridden by Radio Free Moscow in the next few days

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