In defense-ible

So the meaningless NBA All-Star Game is over. Now we can get back to meaningless regular season games.


Well the East did hold the West under 200. #AllStarGame


You know, it would have been nice to have just one winter in California between those with  daily drought stories and this year’s daily storm alerts.

Time to start a pool: Where will Trump’s next fictitious terrorist attack supposedly take place?


But for now,  congrats to all those who had #Sweden in the Trump insult pool.


Has someone explained to @realDonaldTrump that it’s not really Swedish terrorism when you can’t figure out assembly instructions from Ikea?

Gaslighting appears to be so much a part of #Uber culture amazed that Travis Kalanick wasn’t offered position in a Trump cabinet.

Trump “you look at what’s happening #lastnightinSweden..” Another atrocity from the planners of the Bowling Green Massacre?


Trump loves to talk about fictitious terror attacks, but when it comes to actual massacre in Quebec City, crickets. Wonder why? #whiteguy

Back during the OJ trial, there were some African-Americans who thought he was guilty, but they were so unhappy with the police and the system that his acquittal was a happy change. Have to wonder if something like this is going on with Trump, that some of his supporters might think he is saying and doing crazy things, but having been so unhappy with the status quo, they’re still happy for the change.

Bus to hell from TC  “North Korean Dick Tater Kim Jong-un supposedly was behind his half-brother being poisoned at an airport in Malaysia. He denied any involvement, but a spokesperson said “It’s a dog eat dog world”.


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