Post mortems, musical and otherwise.


Grammys start  Sunday at 5p PST. The “In Memoriam” segment should be done by 8p.

Knicks owner James Dolan has now banned former star Charles Oakley from Madison Square Garden. Is Dolan trying to compete with the Redskins’ Dan Snyder for the title of most hated owner in pro sports?

SF Giants are inviting Barry Bonds as a special instructor in Spring Training. Instructor? Based on last year thinking Bonds could still out hit most of the team

Silly talk about Patriots players setting record for not showing up for White House visit w/ Trump. Record will be eclipsed shortly by NBA

So some folks are upset because the Naperville Rib Fest has booked Toby Keith for their opening night June, since he also performed at the inaugural. Really? No one is making anyone buy tickets. Seems more interesting that the best gig the country singer can now get is the Naperville Rib Fest.

An Orlando Police officer resigned a week after being reprimanded for arresting a man when she mistook doughnut glaze in his car for methamphetamine. Guess she couldn’t face being known as a cop who couldn’t recognize something from doughnuts?

You’d think if Democrats could pay all these protestors they’d have just paid people back in Nov. to vote for Hillary.

While Trump was not wearing an earpiece while Japanese PM Shinzo Abe was speaking Friday, the President was seen smiling and nodding during the speech. Probably because he was agreeing with the voices in his head.

Wonder how many games of golf Trump is on pace for…?


Just imagine if Obama had a place he referred to as “Winter White House” that had $200,000 initiation dues. #MaraLago 


Wonder when Trump will present Ivanka with a Purple Heart for all the suffering she has endured.

From TC : “Trump’s travel ban has enraged the Twitter-in-chief to tweet SEE YOU IN COURT in all caps, as he wants to take the issue to the Supreme Court of the US of A. He then tweeted: First I have to go BUY A NEW SUIT AT NORDSTROMS!”
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3 Comments on “Post mortems, musical and otherwise.”

  1. TC in BC Says:

    N. Korea have just fired a ballistic missile test that may have the range to hit the US west coast. President Trump tried to shoot it down with various “Tweets”, but they all failed. Oh Oh!

  2. TC in BC Says:

    A Brooklyn dog took a bullet protecting it owner.The dog survived. In related news, Secret Service Agent Kerry O’Grady (now suspended) said she would not take a bullet to save Donald Trump. The dog emailed Kerry and says “Neither would I”.

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