Wild roses

So just the Rose Bowl we all expected. A USC team that lost to Stanford by 17 against a Penn State team that lost to Michigan by 39.


Well phooey, I was expecting the #RoseBowl to go at least into quadruple overtime.

If you’re going to miss two field goal attempts in the Rose Bowl, might as well make the last one. #USC

Happiest people in Vegas starting about half-time were those who bet the #RoseBowl “over”, which is 62. #Wedontneednostinkindefense #PennState #USC

Both USC and Penn State offenses in Rose Bowl looked like men against boys. #bustohell

Give Lane Kiffin credit, anyone can be fired from a losing team, how many people can get fired, or ask to leave early, on an undefeated team one game from the national championship.

A spokeswoman for Dick Clark Productions says allegations that Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance was intentionally sabotaged are “defamatory, outrageous and frankly absurd.”
She’s right; if they wanted to do any sabotage for ratings would have made more sense for a wardrobe malfunction.

In France, a new law mandates workers’ “right to disconnect.”  The law requires companies with more than 50 employees to establish hours when staff should not send or answer emails
At this point France may need to consider a wall to keep potential Americans immigrants out

Hadn’t heard of her but like her style: British singer Rebecca Ferguson will perform at Trump’s inauguration on one condition- that she can sing “Strange Fruit,”  a 1937 protest song.

Trump playing the skeptic re allegations against Russia, “I know a lot about hacking. And hacking is a very hard thing to prove. So it could be somebody else.”
Did Putin tell him to say that?

The House GOP defied chair Paul Ryan and quickly voted to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics tonight. Among other things the proposal would would bar the panel from reviewing any violation of criminal law by members of Congress, accept anonymous reports of Congressional wrongdoing, and make any public statements or hire any communications staff.
Right, because we shouldn’t disturb all those fragile new alligators in the swamp?

In Texas, a homeowner fatally shot a guest at a New Year’s Eve party. KHOU-TV reported that “the owner claimed that a fight erupted between him and the drunken man when he refused to leave, adding that he had no choice but to shoot.”
Your move, Florida.

T.C’s New Year’s thought  “Happy 2017 Everyone! I see that Donald will be writing his own Inaugural speech… and Mariah Carey will be proof reading it.”

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