Plane misery


Minnesota Vikings had a fine flight today but then plane landed and slid off the taxiway. Perfect metaphor for the team’s season.

Tiger Woods playing golf today w/h Donald Trump. So even President-Elect couldn’t help Tiger make the cut to play on a weekend?

A Virgin America red-eye flight from San Francisco to Boston almost made a emergency landing when it was discovered one passenger had named their wi-fi hot spot “Samsung Galaxy Note 7_1097”
Someone, who didn’t have an actual Galaxy Note 7, finally fessed up after the captain made announcements, including “This isn’t a joke. We’re going to turn on the lights (it’s 11pm) and search everyone’s bag until we find it.”
Can you be put on the no-fly list for being stupid?

Grinch alert: Starting in January, British Airways will charge for all food and drink on short-haul flights in economy class. Passengers who hope to get around this by bringing their own instant coffee or tea bags will be out of luck, however, as the airline WILL charge for hot water in a cup.
Most people’s reaction “That’s absurd.” U.S. airlines’ reaction: “How do we do that?”.

Uh oh, the Airtrain connector from Newark Airport broke down this afternoon so many people couldn’t make their flights. Did someone connected with the airport piss off Chris Christie?

The Rockettes have reportedly been ordered to perform at Trump’s inaugural, and those who refuse will be fired. Makes a certain amount of sense – showcasing women who are being told what they MUST do with their bodies.


Now @realDonaldTrump is furious that his son Eric cannot have donors “pay to play” for his foundation. Does this even need a punchline?

Trump’s latest tweet. “Vladimir Putin said today about Hillary and Dems: “In my opinion, it is humiliating. One must be able to lose with dignity.” So true!”
So being dignified would be for Hillary to have said up front she might not have accepted the results of the election?


In Kentucky, Ken Ham, the founder of the Ark Encounter, a life-sized Noah’s Ark replica, lit it up in rainbow lights, and said “Sadly, people ignore what God intended the rainbow to represent,” which was His “covenant with Noah,” and not “freedom, love, pride or the LGBTQ movement,”
Chris Hartman, director of the Kentucky Fairness Campaign, decried the statement, but added “It makes the ark look incredibly gay.” #GodBlessAmerica

Well, damn, reports are that #CarrieFisher suffered a massive heart attack on a flight from London to LAX. May the force be with her.

One more comment on the Ivanka plane issue. Here’s my feeling, if someone is acting in a political capacity at a speech or fundraiser, then civil protest is reasonable. If someone is “off-duty,” then we should just all be nice.
Quite an old story but I once was a waitress at Stanford for a dinner that Casper Weinberger was attending. We were all vetted by Secret Service in advance. At the time I hated everything he was doing. But as a friend and I discussed, we were students but we were also professionals, and we treated him nicely. Funniest thing in retrospect, here there were half a dozen agents at the dinner, plus the vetting, but when I went around with coffee, Weinberger asked “could I have tea, if it’s not too much trouble.” Nice man. Horrible policies. But I did my job, and felt good about it.

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  1. Bill Says:

    Merry Christmas Janice! I hope it’s a wonderful day for you and yours!

  2. Marty Robinson Says:

    Janice, thanks for another year of LCSB. I continue to be impressed by your ability to come up with enough material to write 365 posts /year and I read every one of them.

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