Come join the band…..

No DC area high school wants to march in Trump’s inaugural. But hey, Stanford band has been suspended & is available. #passthepopcorn



Watching “Love Actually,” one of my favorite Christmas movies, including Hugh Grant as the leader of Great Britain. But this year especially wishing that Billy Bob Thornton was the worst leader we Americans could send over in return..



The college football bowl season statts today, December 17. And if you are not an alum of one of the teams playing today, and you REALLY care, you just might have a problem.



Former NFL V.P of officiating Mike Peirera insists now that refs regularly get assistance and advice from replay officials via their wireless headsets, before any challenges might be issued. This would be a violation of league rules. The NFL is less than transparent and honest? I am shocked. Next thing Periera will allege is that there is gambling in Las Vegas.

Many Stanford fans were upset because the Holiday Bowl bypassed the higher rated Cardinal for Washington State, mostly because they expected more WSU fans to travel to the game. (Even though San Diego is an attractive destination and Stanford has never been.)
Now the bowl is facing a potential boycott by Minnesota players over the suspension of 10 teammates.
I suppose it would be wrong to enjoy this mess just a little

Here we go again. Princeton University has suspended its men’s swimming and diving team’s season after “vulgar and offensive” material was found on their electronic mailing list, specifically “misogynistic and racist” comments involving the women’s team.
This is the 3rd suspension for an Ivy League sports team in a month, following that of the Harvard Men’s soccer team and Columbia’s wrestling team.

I know the Ivy Leagues aren’t know for great athletes, but aren’t they supposed to be smart?



So can anyone tell me real difference between a business sending you an e-card & sending other ad spam? Yeah, me neither.

That moment when you shudder to hear as a now Northern Californian that the temperature is going to drop into the low 40s. And then you remember why you decided never to move back to the east coast.

Trump tweet this morning “Are we talking about the same cyberattack where it was revealed that head of the DNC illegally gave Hillary the questions to the debate?”
Leaving aside the veracity of the accusation, so if someone can hack into any emails and discover something potentially untoward, that’s okay then? Is Trump issuing a challenge to liberal hackers?


Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced yesterday in a press conference that a 5-year investigation “proved” that President Obama’s birth certificate is a fake & highlighted what they called “9 points of forgery” on the document, which focused on the angles of date stamps, typed letters and words.
What’s Arpaio trying to do, get an appointment in the Trump administration for making the President-elect look sane by comparison?

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