Don’t come join this band?

The LSJUMB – aka the Stanford Band – has been suspended again, this time in large part for breaking “alcohol rules at gatherings.” Uh, okay, but did anyone really think the Stanford band can do what they do sober?

My friend Rich said that maybe the band like many alums doesn’t want to have to go to El Paso for the Sun Bowl either.


Navy lost to Army for the first time in 14 years. Can we blame Trump?

If there was real justice in tomorrow’s #Jets #49ers game both teams would find a way to lose. @NFL

December 11. .Means we’re less than a week away from the start of college bowl season. Although quick, name one team playing in one of the SIX bowls on the 17th.


Congrats to #Heisman winner #LamarJackson. Many didn’t know him before this season. To be fair how many knew #Louisville played football?

Got a Facebook ad today for a Hallmark Tony Romo Christmas tree ornament. Hmm. Assume it’s expensive but not as good as the cheaper  Dak Prescott ornament?

Trump at the Army-Navy game. “I don’t know if it’s necessarily the best football, but boy do they have spirit more than anybody.” Well, of course, unless Trump University played football, because then they would have the most spirit AND be the best.


Phrase I never thought I’d say. “Damn I wish Trump had put Romney in charge.”

So how did we become a country where millions accept what Breibart says as gospel but dismiss CIA as fake news?

Remember those innocent days when we thought W’s administration was as bad as it could get with oil company influence? #Tillerson

Patti Smith apparently forgot the lyrics when she tried to sing Bob Dylan’s A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall at the Nobel Prize ceremony in Stockholm. But really, had she just mumbled could anyone tell?



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