MLB Sock Exchange?

Well, what else do you call a major trade between the White and Red Sox?

Chris Sale is now with the Red Sox. Could be a good fit, since Boston’s “Turn Back the Clock” uniforms aren’t much different than their current uniforms, assume he will have no need to cut them up.



After the Red Sox landed Chris Sale, Brian Cashman said “Boston is the Golden State Warriors of baseball now.” Maybe. But guess the SF Giants aren’t too upset with being baseball’s Spurs or the Cavs.

After the Sale  deal,  #DavidOrtiz tweeted ” You guys got me thinking” Brett Favre thinking “1st retirement is the hardest.


Pablo Sandoval has apparently lost a lot of weight this off-season. Maybe they can have Chris Sale use his scissors to guard food in the Red Sox clubhouse.

The Mississippi State Department of Health has issued a
state imposed “Boil-Water Alert” in one county after water sampling showed the presence of E. coli. But hey, who needs the EPA?

Alec Baldwin talking about life after the election. ” “Both sides are very passionate so it’s been a very, very difficult time in this country.” Well, yes, and also there went any plans Baldwin may have had for taking most Saturday nights off.

Trump says he is going to cancel the order with Boeing for new Air Force Ones. Because he wants to replace them all with Trump planes?

Apparently @realDonaldTrump got his #Boeing #AirForceOne numbers from the same place he got that “3 million illegal voters” number.

Real estate brokers in Manhattan are now apparently advertising Secret Service protection as an amenity for prospective Trump Tower tenants. “The Best Value in the Most Secure Building in Manhattan.” #WhataCountry



And again, a rare serious, if still snarky note.  Donald Trump finds time to tweet out his victory tour and to make statements as if he’s already President. But he somehow can’t find time to send condolences to Oakland fire victims and families. Because they were not killed by terrorists or immigrants they don’t count?

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