Burning not so bryght?

ESPN Headline “Tiger Woods fires 2nd-round 65 at Hero World Challenge, nearly aces No. 12.” So is anyone actually leading this tournament?


Since Huskies won the Pac 12 championship tonight they should make the college football playoff. Although it’s actually somewhat amazing w/ East Coast bias committee knows Washington and Colorado are even in the Pac12.


Fired Oregon coach Mark Helfrich says he hoped Chip Kelly would be hired as the new Ducks football coach. “Ditto” said many SF 49ers fans.

Pirates 3B Jung Ho Kang was arrested and charged with DUI and leaving the scene of an accident after he allegedly hit a guardrail near a Seoul subway station and fled. His statement: “I’d like to apologize to everyone who is disappointed with me. Today, I got behind the wheel after drinking, and committed an irrevocable mistake. I panicked at the moment of the accident and did something that I never should have done. I am deeply regretting the incident. I will humbly accept whatever punishment is deemed fit for my actions.”
Wow, no tainted drink, no blame game? Are we sure this guy is a major league player?

Vikings QB Sam Bradford last night said the ref told him he didn’t get hit in the face mask. That’s right, Bradford got GRABBED by the face mask.


Former NFL player Joe McKnight, 28, was fatally shot in an apparently road rage incident outside New Orleans this week. Ronald Gasser admitted to shooting him and surrendered his gun to police. He was taken into custody but released overnight. Gasser, 54, is white. And some wonder why blacks are fearful and angry in this country.

What’s next with #SteveBannon and #Breitbart going after #Kelloggs? Accusations that Snap, Crackle and Pop are gay?

US unemployment has fallen to 4.6% #Jobsreport #IblameObama

In response to the House Science Committee tweeting a story from Breitbart News on climate change  Bernie Sanders tweeted out “Where’d you get your PhD, Trump University?  “Well played Bernie, well played.”

Trump backers are fighting hard to stop recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Wait…if you were worried about an election being rigged wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to make sure votes were counted correctly?

#WTF? Okay, credit where credit is due.  Sarah Palin just accused Donald Trump with his  Carrier deal in Indiana to be practicing “crony capitalism.”   Just guessing someone got told she isn’t getting picked for the Trump cabinet.

61 years ago this week #RosaParks refused to give up her seat on a Montgomery bus. Can you imagine if that happened in a social media era?





“What do you mean there’s only one China? There’s a North and South Carolina” #ThingsTrumpMightSay #Taiwan

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2 Comments on “Burning not so bryght?”

  1. tc in bc Says:

    Yes, Eldrick is currently 6 behind a couple of unnamed leaders tied at the top. He is also 6 shots from being tied for dead last. No need to mention any other names because none of their wives or gfs have been seen with Tiger at a pancake house nearby.

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