Home not cooking?


The Spurs are 14-4 with all 4 losses at home. How long until #GreggPopovich demands San Antonio players stay at hotels for all home games?


ESPN reports all 6 NBA games today won by the team with the worse record. “The Elias Sports Bureau notes this is the 2nd day in NBA history. the first was in 1969, that that happened (minimum 6 games played in a day, at least 15 games into the season).” #IblameTrump

In men’s college basketball, Bryant freshman Ikenna Ndugba got the ball with 4 seconds to play and dribbled out the clock to preserve his team’s win against Brown. Only problem, Bryant was losing 91-90.
Who says college athletes don’t need to know math?

Ravens placekicker Justin Tucker says he would like to see a rule change where if you split the “uprights on a kickoff you get a point or you get rewarded for it in some way.”
Well, actually the Canadian Football League has given a point for a touchback for years….

#Oregon has fired football coach #MarkHelfrich. Well, former coach #ChipKelly might be available.

ESPN’s new NFL power rankings are out & #2 team behind Cowboys is the Raiders?    Forget Cubs & Trump’s victories, this is a true sign of apocalypse.


On Monday, an employee of a Austin bar filed a lawsuit against Johnny Manziel, The man accused Manziel of punching him and breaking his nose when he told the former QB he was not actually a  bartender and couldn’t make his drinks.
So congrats to all those who had Nov. 28 in the pool.

So was Elaine Chao chosen as Transportation Secretary in part to make sure Mitch McConnell never goes after Trump over his children and potential conflicts of interest?

(Chao is married to McConnell)

Todd Macaluso, former lawyer for Casey Anthony, was arrested last week for allegedly trying to fly 1,500 kilos of cocaine from Ecuador to Honduras. 1,500 kilos? Wow. And that still wasn’t as despicable as defending Casey Anthony.

#DanQuayle showed up at #TrumpTower, ostensibly to offer congratulations. Because Quayle thinks Trump will “Make America Grate Again?”

or maybe it’s just that Trump Tower has the best potatoes in the U.S.


What’s next with @realDonaldTrump’s auditions for Secretary of State. Trips to the fantasy suite? #whogetstherose?

So after railing against Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs, Trump has now picked for Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin a 17-year veteran of… Goldman Sachs. #draintheswampandputinbiggeralligators

From Trump today on Twitter: “Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do, there must be consequences – perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!”
From the Boy Scout handbook: “A national flag that is worn beyond repair may be burned in a fire. The ceremony should be conducted with dignity and respect and the flag burned completely to ashes.”

Attn @realDonaldTrump, flag burning is protected free speech as per Supreme Court in 1989. In a majority opinion joined by Antonin Scalia.

So would Trump supporters like to name ONE Cabinet pick he has made who is a defender of the working class?

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2 Comments on “Home not cooking?”

  1. marc ragovin Says:

    In anticipation of moving to their new home next year, the Atlanta Braves have acquired 43-year old pitchers Bartolo Colon and 42-year old RA Dickey. What is the name of their new place? Jurrasic Park?

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