Over the line.

Because of academic misconduct, the NCAA ruled Notre Dame now must vacate wins from their 2012 and 2013 football seasons. So can they also finally give Stanford’s Stepfan Taylor that touchdown?

(for non-Stanford fans, in 2012 the Fighting Irish were unbeaten, and the Cardinal, down 7 late in the game in 2012, was near the goal line, about to get either a game-tying TD – or with a 2-point conversion even a winning TD.   Taylor twice was ruled not to have run the bal into the end zone, although replays indicated he did at least once. The Notre Dame refs did not agree.)


A now viral video shows Dallas QB Dak Prescott throwing a Gatorade cup away, missing the trash can, and then going to pick it up to put it in the can. Jeez, what kind of a Cowboy is Prescott if he couldn’t even get arrested for littering.

So #Cubs win #WorldSeries, #Trump wins #WhiteHouse and now #Raiders are getting favorable calls from refs. Truly signs of the apocalypse


Detroit LB DeAndre Levy said his proudest moment in college was when he accidentally ran into Joe Paterno and broke his leg. Some former Penn State players responded “We find the recent statement by DeAndre Levy about Coach Paterno appalling, along with the silence that has accompanied it.”
Uh, is it really a good idea to complain in the same sentence about silence and Paterno?

Coach Gregg Popovich, after San Antonio held off the Mavs tonight 96-91. “That was a pathetic performance on the part of the Spurs. You know, they (Dallas) had some guys out, we had some guys out, but they had a lot more out than we did. I thought we showed a lack of humility, a lack of respect for the opponent, a very pathetic performance at both ends of the court, both in execution and in grunt, in fiber, in desire. It was an awful performance. Oh, and they deserved to win the basketball game, I forgot to say that.”


#SNL producer Lorne Michaels received a Medal of Honor from @BarackObama. Wonder if Trump will issue executive order overturning the medal.

Tuesday was the 53rd anniversary of #JFK‘s assassination. So wonder if for gesture of GOP unity if @realDonaldTrump will pardon Ted Cruz’s father?

So now that the Trump Foundation has admitted to using money illegally will Trump  pardon himself?

In a meeting with NY Times reporters today, Trump apparently conceded Tuesday there is “some connectivity” between human activity and climate change and said he would keep an “open mind” to international climate agreements.
Now, to my mind this latest is not a bad thing…. but at some point will the President-Elect give us a list of what statements he made during the campaign he actually believes?

A new Quinnipiac University poll found that only 35% of voters think Trump should keep his personal Twitter account, while 59% of said Donald Trump he should shut it down. Rather amazing stats considering that a significant fraction of that 35% must be comedy writers.

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