Well they got the 9 part right this week.



When they do the post-mortem on this 49ers season, it may be that the biggest mistake the #SF49ers made this year was beating the #Rams & losing that #1 pick

Anyone but me think the NFL is now the  “almost No Fun teams to watch League”?


Ohio State remains #2 this week because Michigan State tried and missed a two-point conversion?    Yeah, these rankings make sense.

From the NY Times: For all those dismissing the left coast and our popular vote – in September 42% of new US jobs were created in California.


So if @realDonaldTrump’s win was a victory for forgotten working class in this country, who’s filling those inaugural hotel rooms in DC at 1,000 a night?


While Donald Trump keeps up the angry tweets, Mike Pence said he “wasn’t offended” by the remarks from the cast of Hamilton. and the boos were “what freedom sounds like.” So is Pence trying to reassure the country he’ll be a fine President when Trump resigns or gets impeached?


Just an aside on the whole Hamilton thing, while post-performance speeches are not an every play occurrence, I’ve been to plenty of plays where there’s a charity request afterwards, and more than one where actors have talked specifically and passionately about AIDS. But maybe Trump has never actually gone to a Broadway or London show before?


Reports are that Trump doesn’t want to give up his Android phone when he becomes President because he uses it so frequently, including for his Twitter account.
So wonder if he’ll direct his staff to set up a private email server.

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2 Comments on “Well they got the 9 part right this week.”

  1. Bill Says:

    I’m with you Janice! . How could “The” Ohio State Buckeyes not move to #1 after that big victory against nearly insurmountable odds at MSU!

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