Early voting?

After Justin Verlander barely lost the AL Cy Young vote to Rick Porcello, Bill Chastain, who covers the Rays for MLB.com, admitted he sent in his ballot a week early. (Verlander allowed one run in 14.2 innings his last two starts.)
So really, what is it about voting in Florida?

So wonder how much $$$ television could get for #KateUpton vs #GiseleBundchen on pay-per-view? #StandByYourMan


Wake Forest says documents of new plays were found in the stadium after their 44-12 football loss against Louisville last week and they are investigating a possible breach. There is of course the question, why would Louisville bother?

Tony Romo in a prepared statement said of Dak Prescott “He’s earned the right to be our quarterback. As hard as that is for me to say.” Although no doubt Romo still hopes to come back to disappoint Cowboys fans in the postseason.


United’s new basic economy class allows no preassigned seats, no frequent flier miles, no changes and no carry-on bags. So what’s their next step, no seat cushions?


Now, this new basic economy class will be lower than regular economy class fares. But I am sure NO consumers will book the cheapest fare without seeing what it really means…. #sarcasm

A new Taco Bell in Las Vegas features a frozen slushie bar with alcohol and a VIP lounge. Do guests in the VIP lounge get tacos filled with real meat?

13 years ago today Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as Governor of California. And all our anxieties at the time now seem so quaint.

So just wondering, has @realDonaldTrump discussed with anyone his plans to put “TRUMP” in large gold letters on the White House?

Obama yesterday “It’s important for us to let him make his decisions. The American people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see.”
Damn I am going to miss this President.

Ivanka Trump sent out a media blast about how to buy the $10,000 bracelet she wore on “60 Minutes.” Can only imagine what kind of marketing opportunities she and the Trump family will find in the inaugural.

Now @realDonaldTrump may choose #TedCruz as Attorney General. Would this be shameless play for bipartisan congratulations in getting Cruz out of Senate?

Trump continuing to purge Chris Christie’s associates from team. Hope the Donald doesn’t have plans soon to take a bridge in or out of NJ

All kinds of speculation on Trump’s cabinet picks. No doubt the Donald is lining up sponsors so he can tell us “after the break.”


That moment when CHINA is lecturing the President-elect of the United States about climate change….

Well, we don’t know yet if @realDonaldTrump will be tough on our country’s enemy but we know he will be tough on the @nytimes.

Trump is now saying that anyone being vetted for the administration must resign as a lobbyist, and if they serve when they leave they will be banned from being a lobbyist for five years. (Obama has a two-year rule.)
Of course, it depends on the definition of what lobbyist is.

From TC  “Steve Bannon is in the White House thanks to Donald. Saved Uncle Sam a few dollars. They won’t have to repaint it for another 4 years as it’s now Whiter than it’s ever been!”

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One Comment on “Early voting?”

  1. Don Sherman Says:

    I would like to nominate Sarah Palin as Court Jester.

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