And then there was one number one?

Five of the top 10 teams lost.  Including 3 undefeated.

USC beat Washington, Pittsburgh beat Clemson. A great weekend for all those underprivileged SEC teams who never get a chance at the College Football Playoffs.

Now #Michigan has lost, following #Clemson and #Washington. 4 days after election. Did we switch to an alternate universe & no one told us?

Iowa’s visiting football locker room has been painted pink since 1979, at the behest of then coach Hayden Fry, as he thought it would give his team a psychological advantage. Yesterday before the game, Michigan temporarily redecorated it in maize and blue.
Maybe they should have used less energy on decoration and more on preparation?

It’s early but go figure… the Spurs with their amazing home winning streak last year are 2-3 at home. And 5-0 on the road.

So was there any reason to add Maryland and Rutgers to the Big Ten other than to provide in-conference cupcakes for the rest of the conference?

Atlanta has signed both R.A. Dickey and Bartolo Colon to contracts for 2017. Well, since they can’t get Hank Aaron to play and draw fans into their new stadium, the Braves instead went for pitchers who pitched against him?

In Scotland, an art historian says that a painting of the Virgin Mary bought for $25 back in 1899 as a decent copy of a Raphael painting now turns out likely to be a real Raphael. And across the world wonder how many auction house appraisers are bracing for an onslaught from peoples’ garages and attacks.

Oops- from Facebook today “A mistake has been fixed Recently, you may have incorrectly seen a message about memorialization on a Facebook profile. This was a mistake and the message was shown on the wrong profiles. We’re very sorry for the error and have fixed it.’

(I got the memorialization mistake on my page too… Nope, not dead yet.)
Glitches happen. But maybe better when they don’t happen on a week when people were saying they’ll kill themselves if Trump got elected….

As USA wonders how smart Trump really is, give man his due, w/ #MikePence as VP, it’s a lot less likely for a woman to want to shoot him.

Sauce from the gander? The Turkish government has just warned Turkish citizens in the United States or considering traveling to the US to “be careful due to protests” following the election of Donald Trump.

2000 was 16 years ago. While many of us not-so-old farts remember what happened with all those 3rd party votes for Ralph Nader, thinking that’s ancient history and might have been irrelevant to millennial voters.
And of course there’s that “those who cannot remember the past” thing…

Snark aside, here’s my longest post in some time. It’s going to be interesting as this Trump transition continues. Of course not all his supporters are “deplorables,” and it is clear that many people were just angry at the status quo.
But even when President Obama was elected, while I supported him strongly, and still do, I had a nervous feeling after the initial euphoria.
So many people thought Obama would fix all their problems. As now so many people think Trump will fix all their problems. And there’s no way all those people ever were, or are going to be happy with reality.
What happens then? And this time, since part of the message, theater or not, was blaming others – minorities, immigrants etc. -for problems, what’s going to happen with that anger? Trump may be able to pivot away from the “Lock her up, build that wall” rhetoric, and from the hate speech, but what will he do with the people who believed it?
As the old Chinese curse goes, “May you live in interesting times.”

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One Comment on “And then there was one number one?”

  1. Neal Says:

    …As the old Chinese curse goes, “May you live in interesting times.”

    Also be careful what you wish for.

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